Expert Opinion- Mitushi Palkar



Hello Friends. Let us meet Mrs. Mitushi Palkar. She is an Astrologer. She belongs to the third generation in her family who’s into astrology. First her Grandfather, then her Father & now her . She makes kundalis by वैदिक पद्धति. She gives consultation. She suggests solutions to your problems. She is practising from her home at Baner road. She gives consultation on phone too.

You can connect with her at 772-203-7118.


Here are a few questions she has answered just for Puneri Thaska Members.

1) Why am I  having problems in my marriage? (Most common problem)

Ans: You are having problems in your married life because yours and your partner’s kundalis might not be matching. Matching does not mean that you should look for गुण and मंगल only. Matching means your Planets should be compatible to your partner’s planets. They should support each other only then it is called perfectly matched.

2) Despite the fact that me & my husband are medically fit why are we unable to conceive?

Ans:  The reason You are unable to conceive might be because of (a) yours & your husband’s kundalis are not matching. In such cases you face problems in conceiving. Or (b) one of the partner’s kundali is showing some problems with the house from where your kids are seen in a kundali. This problem can be overcome by some astrological remedies.


3) I’m manglik, do I need to get married to manglik only?

Ans: Well yes, it is always preferred for a manglik to get married to a manglik only for less troubles in their married life. But a manglik can get married to a person who is having a तोड़ for मंगल (मंगल की तोड़). It is equally preferred.

4) How will a stone help me in my problems?

Ans: Stones definitely helps you in your problems if they are suitable to you according to your kundali. They give slow and steady effects in your life. They definitely reduce your problems to a minimum. There’s no miracle, it has scientific reasons behind it.


5) Can we change our destiny?

Ans: Yes I do believe that we can change our destiny. It’s not always that whatever is written in your kundali will happen as it is. You can always change your destiny with your efforts and your Karmas. Your kundali gives you the guideline on  how are things going to be in the future. If you don’t  put any efforts to change it, it will happen as it is written. So always give your 100% towards everything you want to achieve.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aavriti negi says:

    Hi Mitushi
    How r u? This is aavriti, ru really an astrologer? What’s the difference between an astrology n palm reading? R they really affect our lives?

  2. PT says:

    I guess Mitushi won’t see this comment. Kindly connect with her on our Facebook group Puneri Thaska.

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