Briju’s Patisserie

Business name Briju’s Patisserie
Propreitor (your Name) Briju Parthasarathy
Which city are you based in? Do you ship your products to Pune? Based in pune. Ship across India
Products and Services Homebaked goodies and Artisan chocolates

Briju’s Patisserie offers a premium range of chocolates, cakes, bakes and cookies, syrups, jams, spreads, and marmalades.

All products are wholly vegetarian. Only the best available ingredients are used. These are premium products for a discerning clientele.

Address with Area & pincode Briju Parthasarathy
Bunglow 103,
Foresttrails township
Near Manas lake
Pune 412115

Mobile Number with whatsapp 8793514347
Mode of Ordering Online, Facebook shop, call
Shipping details Minimum 50₹ and on actual. 24-48 hrs
Social media links Instagram, Facebook

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