Puneri Thaska Deals- Entry Form

Welcome to Puneri Thaska Deals

Here we have the entrepreneurs of our group offer deals at a discount of 15% or more.

If you are interested in dsplaying a deal for your business on our website, please fill up the following form and click submit.

The charges for featuring your offers in PT Deals are Rs 100/- per month 

Following are the requirements for the PT Deals as a vendor or a seller

1. Being a member of facebook Group Puneri Thaska

2. Having a Puneri thaska directory Registration. if you are not already registered, click  Here to register.

3. Having Online or Mobile Banking

4. Having a Paytm  app

5. Having  business Facebook Page

6. Willingness to honour the deal or offer you provide for the website.

After we get your entry, we will get in touch with you. You will be required to sign an online agreement for the deals. Also you will be required to pay the pre decided charges to Puneri Thaska. Once that is through, we can feature your deal.