Bobby Karnani – The Woman of Substance

Henna (Bobby) Karnani, is a name synonymous with Women Empowerment in Pune City and otherwise. Every individual who she has met has been impacted by her work. On this Women’s Day let us get to know what lies beneath this enigmatic persona .

Bobby Karnani is the founder and chief designer at her brand Vastrum. She is also the founder of Viman Nagar Women’s Club, which is an active organisation. We will always find VNWC in a time of crisis as one of the first organisations to start helping. They have done several donation drives during the covid pandemic to help the frontliners and the needy.

Q- Please tell us how did your professional journey begin?

A– I Believe a journey of 1000miles begins with a single positive step. With this thought along with my graduation I started Fashion Designing . It was my Hobby and Passion towards the changing fashion with time. God was merciful and blessed me with abundance of fame with the leading brands in Mumbai . My own entity came into existence under the title of Vastrum back in 2006.
In a short span of time Vastrum had opened 3 branches.
Our hunger for excellence and customer satisfaction has helped us grow into a business hub. Having a record 11000+ customer database and growing by the day, shows the trust our customers have had in our organization over the years.
ll Vastrum ll is one among the leading boutiques in East PUNE having shown a consistence in growth in value additions as well as financial stability. 

Q- How would you describe yourself as a Designer?

My association with the Fashion Industry has been more than 25yrs . One thing that has not changed about me is that I am still nervous before presenting my creation at fashion shows. But its me and that’s my identity and reminds me who I am and what I mean to do.

Q- The Dynamic Lady that you are today, we would love to know how were you in your childhood?

Going back in time as a child I was very naughty, creative, friendly, a socially active, sports activity NCC cadet. 

Q- How do you manage your business and your social work activities together?


with this thought I have learned to balance my day with my work environment as well as my crave to bring about the change in the surroundings. 

My hunger to learn something new motivates me at work as well as social service. 

I believe in the fact that there a positive side of each individual and I’m blessed to recognise that, believe in unity.

Q- How did you start VNWC (Viman Nagar Women’s Association) ?

A- The turning point of my life came with V.N.W.C. an organisation I formed with the collective like minded women who were willing to go that extra mile to bring the change in the society around us. Main aim of V.N.W.C is to give back to the society by creating an Interactive platform for connecting women in Viman Nagar for Women Empowerment.
My intense passion for serving has shifted my life in a new and positive direction. I feel that my personal experiences and challenges have served as basis growth and preparation for a life of helping other.

Q- How does an organisation that is so active and busy manage to function as smoothly as you do?

The Hierarchy of our Oganisation is team of Founders as the governing body followed by the Society representatives.
There is a managing committee for organisation of Drives, Events and Social Work.
It becomes much convenient when you have enthusiastic members  .

Q- Is there a Quote you believe in?

“One Women can make a difference but together we can rock the World”

Q- Would you like to share an inspiring message with our readers ?

You should never let your Inhibitions prevent you from doing what you know is Right”

More About VNWC –

VNWC Business Glory


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