Numbers and their traits (numbers 1-9)

Each individual is influenced by three numbers: soul number, soul mission number, name number.The influence of these numbers is distinct from that of the nine planets in the astrological houses. Let’s read about the numbers and their characteristics ..

NUMBER 1 Birth Number 1 -Sun

One is the psychic number of those born on day 1, 10, 19, or 28 of any month. Birth number 1 people are ruled by the Sun, which gives them fixity of purpose and ideas. They tend to adhere to their ideas, especially when convinced that they are on the right track. It is difficult to persuade them to change their mode of behavior, opinion, conviction, or decision. They also formulate their

ideas quickly.
They have a clear understanding and a particular point of view, which

dominates throughout all the things they do in life. They are sober, solid, punctual, and clear in their expressions.

They have a strong individuality and need a lot of attention and respect; they are themselves caring for others and wish others to reciprocate. They make friends easily and break friendships with difficulty.

They are authoritative and also are very fortunate in getting help from persons of authority. They are known as lucky people.

They love novelty and try to use the latest methods and technologies in whatever they do. They present well known ideas as their own, from a new point of view.

Generally high spirited, they are large hearted and hardworking people, free from envy, malice, and grudge. They are efficient in their jobs, honest and true, and right most of the time, because they make the correct decisions at the appropriate time. These qualities help them excel. They rise in their jobs because they always think of reaching the highest ranks. They labor hard to achieve the top and most of the time do so. If they do not succeed, they become sad, pessimistic, upset, irritated, and depressed.

Birth number 1 people have a fertile brain, brimming over with new thoughts and ideas. They promote new ventures and new schemes.

 They also spend money freely to buy gifts and presents for others. They share with guests and friends and spend freely on them.

They dislike criticism but like to criticize others.

They have good manners and good taste; they dislike disorder, laziness, slackness, false pride, false praise, false promises, egotism, and flattery.

They want freedom with no boundaries.

They are disciplined, straightforward, practical, and serious- minded people. They are extremely kind, cooperative, but easily irritable.

Like the Sun, they are a source of light and delight and are dedicated to serving humanity at large.

They are ready to accept truth and change their opinions, because to them truth is more important than their opinions.

Number 2 -Moon

Two is the birth number of people born on day 2, 11, 20, or 29 of any month. Among these people, those born on the twenty-ninth of any month are the most fortunate.

The number 2 is ruled by the Moon, which gives its natives tenderness, artistic inclinations, and a romantic nature. They are peaceful and gentle. Their imaginative nature makes them inventive, but they lack determination and cannot execute their ideas as forcefully.

The constant waxing and waning of the Moon influences birth number 2 natives more than it influences any other number. Women in this group feel more emotional ups-and-downs than men. Sometimes they feel very hopeful, sometimes depressed; they are especially sensitive, moody, and sentimental.this quick-changing emotional nature brings them mental agony. Those born on the twentieth of any month feel this mental agony very strongly. If the Moon is not well posited in their natal chart, they experience difficulties in life. If they are born on the twenty-ninth of any month, help is easily available to them and they have a comparatively easy life. Men born on the twenty-ninth are mentally strong, hardworking, and fortunate. Those born on the eleventh have very strong psyches, but as a rule they are delicate and do not have very strong builds.

If women, they are especially fond of perfumes and prepare sweet dishes, cakes, or pastries with special fragrant spices.. Although birth number 2 women are family oriented and sincere with their husbands, they are very romantic and quick changing.

When birth number 2s are humiliated or hurt, they become very strong, tough fighters. They adhere to their decisions, commitments, or convictions and face all opposition until they achieve what they want. They are not easily disheartened, nor do they surrender easily.

The Moon represents the mother principle—forbearance, patience, love, and tender care. They are kind-hearted, gentle, helpful, caring, and faithful to their duties.Because of their changeable nature, they are fast thinking. They become involved with others emotionally and face difficulties.

They are also good diplomats and, as diplomats, they use their instinctive and intuitive faculties to benefit the groups that they represent.

They love traveling and visits to foreign lands give them a cosmopolitan outlook.
They are impatient and seldom have to repent for it.
Although they accept their mistakes easily and feel regret, they never change

their behavior nor ever improve. They commit the same mistakes again and again, and suffer.

They do not much like logic and criticism.

People with Birth number 2 are intuitive. When the Moon is well placed in their natal chart, they are conscious of the intentions of those who flatter them, but they remain silent and let themselves be cheated.

NUMBER 3 Birth Number 3- Jupiter

Three is the psychic number of those born on day 3, 12, 21, or 30 of any month.

  a member of the family of odd numbers, 3 is a dynamic number. It makes its natives independent, bold, active, hard working, dependable, popular, disciplined, self- confident, and initiators. Psychic number 3 people are very ambitious. They like to get ahead in the world. They want to do something great with their life .

At the beginning of their career, which they start quite early in life, they have to struggle a lot. They think about big projects and try to create jobs for themselves in which they are their own boss.. They spend their energy finding practical solutions for making life more colorful, more joyful, and more enjoyable. They are very conscious of their responsibility in this area. With their keen sense of observation and logic, they struggle with an open mind and acquire a good understanding about life. Because they are well versed in the art of conversation and can express themselves clearly, they are good advisors, teachers, orators, and writers.

They love success and wish to be successful in everything they do. They also like to be appreciated every step of the way. 

They are hardworking throughout their life and keep themselves busy with something or other all the time.

They are successful in the execution of any job they undertake and usually finish what they start. This gives them self-confidence, which is the keyword of their life.

They are true to their word and honor their commitments.They love order and discipline. They obey the orders of those whom they respect and think to be their superiors. They wish that those younger and subordinate to them do likewise. This sometimes creates problems, because they become dictatorial and tyrannical at home with their dependents.

They are fortunate in that they receive love, affection, help, and guidance from elderly people, relatives, and those well-placed in society.

Number 4-Rahu

People born on 4,13,22,31st of Any month

As a 4, you’re a detail-oriented and highly organized person who’s able to transform practical ideas into reality. A lover of routine and order, you’re happiest and work best when you have a schedule and a plan to follow. With your highly logical and organized mind, you’re able to focus and concentrate on a project from beginning to end. Because of your strong dislike of change, being interrupted is one of your least favourite things. You also have a memory like an elephant and remember each & every details.

Accurate and precise, you’re punctual and make good use of your time. In your desire to save time and money, you have or look for a system to do everything and enjoy making lists. You can be quite frugal but need to remember not to be stingy.

Steadfast, honest, and sincere, you are a loyal and sentimental friend. Solid as the Rock, you’re down to Earth and a good citizen, with a strong love of your country and your fellow man. However, you have no patience with undisciplined, lazy people.

Avoid being stubborn and learn that change is an inevitable part of life. Discover that it’s fun to be frivolous once in a while. Although you have your own system for accomplishing tasks at work, your methods may not be right for everyone. It’s best if you allow others to complete tasks using the system they prefer.

You crave a practical and disciplined life and are tethered to your calendar. With your highly developed work ethic, you roll up your sleeves and get to work without hesitation. You also tend to have a mind and memory like a steel trap, making you the King or Queen of your circle.

Time is money to you, and you hate to waste either.

Number 5- Mercury

Mercury is the ruling planet of people born on day 5, 14, or 23 of any month.

They are quick with  response, changeable character, ready wit, and restlessness. It is also known as an evergreen planet—the planet of buddhi, which literally means intellect and ready wit .

It is neutral in gender and is regarded as a cold and moist planet. This merchant -like nature of Mercury makes it take risks and gamble—a planet of extremes. On the one hand, the Mercury-dominated natives are lovers of physical comforts and money-minded and, on the other, they do not care for money or physical comforts.

Mercury, a planet of mixed temperament, has a dual nature. It makes its natives think of both pros and cons at the same time. Its natives are learned and scholarly people and enjoy the company of like people. Mercury is the only planet that is exalted in its own sign.

Mercury is friendly with the Sun, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu. Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter are neutral toward it in friendship. Mercury feels enmity toward the moon ..

Number 6-Venus

Venus is the ruling planet of people born on day 6, 15, or 24 of any month, Venus, commonly known as the morning star, is the most radiant planet in the eastern sky before sunrise. It can be seen with the naked eye twice—before sunrise and after sunset. According to astrology, Venus is considered a benefic planet with a feminine, watery nature.

Lifepath number 6s get all comforts and luxuries by means of luck. They have all they want, but they cannot find suitable life partners if they do not marry in their early years.

They take care of their friends and relations without a second thought and have to work hard all their goals. They are good at convincing and good storytellers. They travel a lot and enjoy their lives; they love good, tasty food.

Lifepath 6 people are more sentimental than logical and have a tendency to brood over their past.

They do not accept bondage and are uncommitted. You are very generous, kind and attractive. Though you look very humble from outside you carry deep pride inside. You need to be careful about your pride because sometimes your pride gets converted into ego which gives a bad name to you.

Number 7- Ketu

People born on 7th, 16th,25 th of any month 

Natives ruled by Ketu are talkative; they love discussions and debates and have their own type of logic. They live in fantasies, are intuitive, imaginative, and love to

exaggerate. They do not care for their outer image. Sometimes they are well dressed, sometimes not. Their outlooks are cosmopolitan; they accept truths from all religions and create religions of their own.

Ketu rules over old age. 

If you have a Life Path Number of 7, you should delve into life’s metaphysical mysteries.

In your personal life, learn to be alone without feeling lonely. Discover the beauty of nature, or take time to enjoy quiet evenings at home. Above all, remember to get some rest.

When it comes to work, develop your ability with words—either in written or spoken form—and take the time to become proficient with technology. As a 7, your ideal career is one where success in life arises from work requiring analysis or research, particularly in a technical field, such as nutrition, computers, engineering, religion, metaphysics,psychic-studies,detective work . Your main trouble is your nervous constitution, you may suffer from blood circulation, stomach disorders and fever..

Number 8- Saturn 

Saturn is the ruling planet of people born on day 8, 17, or 26 of any month.They are sober,disciplined, steadfast,constancy and dutifulness,pessimistic you are never enthusiastic and more or less gloomy and melancholy..

Among the seven most important planets of our solar system, Saturn is the farthest planet from the Earth.

If Saturn is not favorably posited in a natal chart, it makes the natives greedy, morbid, and gloomy. They continuously suffer from losses and psychosomatic problems caused by disturbance in their body chemistry. When Saturn is well posited in a chart, it brings wisdom, awareness of right and wrong, sincerity, honesty, love of justice, non- attachment, long-life, fame, authority.

Your main health problems are nervousness,trouble with legs,ears and teeth.

Number 9 -Mars

People born on 9,18,27th of any month.

Natives ruled by Mars are lovers of the martial arts, hunting, sports, debates, contests, public speaking, and politics.

Mars gives its natives a sportsmanlike spirit, which makes them accept defeat or victory equally well. It gives its natives a dynamic energy that makes them do daring things, such as walk on fire or fight with a tiger or elephant. Its natives love to surprise people by their unusual courage. They achieve the peak of their power from twenty-seven to forty years of age

Those natives born on the twenty-seventh are the most gentle and doubting; those born on the ninth are rougher and tougher,Mars is all about Courage, energy, passion, anger etc. Number 9 people are deeply concerned about the state of the world. These people are real humanitarian and socially conscious. These people do sacrifice money, time and energy for the better world. They feel more satisfaction in giving. These people are visionary,

These people evaluate others on the basis of what they can do for the world/society or larger cause. These people naturally attract people from all walk of life who can help them in their broader plan and who can also contribute in the area which they find not very interesting. These people are imaginative,But since they have strong social conscious ,they can be an effective politician,lawyer,judge,minister, teacher etc. 

Since they have a broader outlook on a life they often get dissatisfied with their efforts and always strive for greater accomplishments. They often get disappointed by the realities of life, the shortcomings of others and themselves. Somehow they don’t want to accept the imperfections of the world, a feeling that drives them constantly to try improving upon it. The good thing about number 9 is they have controlled enthusiasm and the ability to finish the task what they have started.

Sometimes Number 9 get money through unexpected ways like inheritance or lucky investments.

Author- Alifya sayedd
Numerologist and vaastu consultant

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