Styling for Working Women

Style up – Working Women

“ Style !! “ word which many of us use in our day to day life. Styling plays a very important role in your first impression. According to statistics, we make our very first impression in the first few seconds even before uttering a single word. Hence, dressing appropriately and presenting yourself is very crucial. 

The working women, or the new women entrepreneurs are often found confused as to what they should wear for a meeting or for a social event. Women face a lot of issues in regards to clothing & styling themselves. The most basic thing women tend to forget is, that they just follow the current trends without releasing whether the clothes are suiting them or no.
In a working atmosphere, women should portray an image which is professional yet classy. So how do we do that? Let’s get started with some tips. The first rule is to wear clothes which are comfortable and coarse-free to the body. Choose clothes that flatter your body type. For example, if you are on the heavier side, use fabrics which are soft and pliable instead of wearing a thick fabric. If you are very thin, try using thicker fabrics or combine pieces by using jackets and over-coats. When we consider professional clothing, we just think of formal skirts, trousers or blazers but there are many other separate pieces of clothing that can be combined to look business casual. 

Apart from clothing, accessories also add a bit of flavour to your whole look. Use of pop colours can look sometimes appealing. If you are in the creative field you can experiment with different clothing styles like palazzo pants, ruffle sleeves, prints or geometric patterns etc. 

The warmer months usually introduce a refreshing colour palette and lightweight, breathable fabrics (such as cotton, linen, and silk) into your wardrobe. Although dresses and skirts are fabulous for keeping your legs fresh, avoid body-hugging, overly tight styles when temperatures rise. A chic button-down white shirt in classic cotton style or more feminine silk is a business casual staple. Experiment with stylish blouses in a variety of sleeve lengths in pops of pastels, jewel tones, plaids, muted florals, and subtle prints. Don’t get too trendy with over-the-top patterns, though, and avoid anything too revealing or sheer. Shift dresses to mock turtleneck dresses, wrap dresses, silk dresses, and midi dresses, business casual dresses are super versatile, figure-flattering, and easy to wear and layer. Just ensure that they are in an appropriate length and fit for the office.

In doubt, It’s always wiser to opt for the more formal version of business casual, even more so during job interviews. Your office outfit should always be formal enough that you can comfortably attend an unexpected professional meeting. 

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