CA Rachana Phadke Ranade – The Lady Boss Youtuber.

Rachana Phadke Ranade is a name synonymous with stock market analysis on YouTube. With a mammoth base of 2 million YouTube subscribers, Rachana has become a go-to authority in the field of stock market and financial education.
She has featured on  news channels as an expert to share tips on the Stock market.

She has been a speaker for CID, CBI, Southern command, and has had the opportunity to tour 20+ cities as a keynote speaker on Forensic audits.

Her YouTube channel CA Rachana Phadke Ranade was one of the 12 channels selected by YouTube Next.
She is also the only Indian youtuber who featured on Youtube’s official blog as 9 Womenbosses who inspire us on YouTube.  She has also been mentioned in the newsletter by the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki.

With such a huge list of achievements under her belt, Rachana started off with a dream of becoming a teacher in her childhood, inspired by her mother and grandparents. As she grew her interests diversified.

Funnily enough, she chose to pursue CA just so she could spend more time with her then Boyfriend! As destiny had decided they are blissfully married now with an adorable son.

Primarily she started her YouTube channel for teaching her CA students. She uploaded a few lectures so her students can easily watch the lectures.  Due to her successful experience in investments she then chose to steer her channel towards the stock market. Her video , Basics of stock market , still continues to be one of the most popular videos on youtube  on the subject  with 12 million views.

The main aim for her was to make a layman understand the stock market by using simple language.

She manages a team of 16 members to manage her YouTube, Instagram and online courses.

Some tips that she thinks budding youtubers should be mindful of are

  1. Consistency
  2. Simplicity of language that is easy for everyone to understand.
  3. Grab and retain the audience attention.

Rachana lays a lot of emphasis on financial education of women. She believes that women in India are excellent at saving money, but lack the confidence of investing it. They are often afraid of judgement and dismissal from their spouses or families if any financial decision goes wrong. She believes women need to get confident through financial education, diversify their investments and become more financially independant. Even today we see that in an average Indian household, the financial decisions are majorly made by the male members. Through her channel Rachana actively encourages the male viewers to educate their female friends and family financially and empower them.

She owes her success to her self discipline and the passion she possesses for her work. She believes her zeal for constant learning is what helps her clear the roadblocks.

Rachana finds inspiration in real people who are modest in life despite finding immense success in life. In the Youtube space she finds Prajakta Koli of the Mostly Sane channel inspiring .

The one quote she believes in is

The harder you work, Luck seems to favour you.

One message she wants to share with us today is

“Try to imbibe as much confidence in yourself as possible. On your road to success you will have to have an open mind to ignore some negativity and move over siituations swiftly. “


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