And the alarm goes off; I got up, 6am in morning, that messy hair tied up and ready to rock over a day, Bright sun shining getting into the routine household work! And sudden conversations on dining table, when men’s discuss their work schedule for day we wonder we are living with superman indeed!! And we busy with our home work for a while and then television and nowadays mobile is best friend!

Have you ever thought of giving yourself a chance to improve each day? That’s absolutely hard but truly rewarding…

I being mother of 5months old, working in reputed automobile company, once sipping coffee gave a thought, why to rejoin office after maternity leave, I wonder and yeah got worried that how this cute little munchkin would manage without me, Now around say 90% of women do fell in dilemma that how the life will be after maternity leave, how a couple will manage the finance and what not comes in mind, but what if we try to explore ourselves? Would it cost high? Or would it be possible? Definitely the answer is YES! And I decided to make my room my office!!

So I pulled up my sock and never seeing back, took the decision to start something in which obviously I am interested and passionate in.

If you are passionate and willing to do wonders, trust me! It’s never too late, we have got the extra power and we need to use it.

Jot down the points on which you want to work in, do need analysis of yourself or mind mapping. If you have good bunch of friends write down the team ideas for your start up that’s brain storming!

Make your living room space your office and start making your dream come true.

Author- Nupur Pandya

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