Choosing the right fragrances to match your wardrobe

“Nothing can be as catchy as the scent and your fragrance” the way we smell is the way we make an impression. The most memorable thing in someone is the way they smell. Choosing the right fragrance and scenting yourself in accordance to the occasion is a very important aspect. The way you smell represents a lot of things and majorly affects the impression that you leave on others. One’s fragrance acts as an unforgettable part of one’s personality and appearance which is why, smelling great is a necessity. 

All of us are well aware of the different kinds of fragrance. It is usually classified on the basis of the intensity and the strength of the perfume. The different kinds of fragrance include strong, mild, floral, fresh and oriental. Floral perfumes have the aromatization flower petals scents with can be considered as the combination of sweet and refreshing perfumes. Contradicting these are the spicy fragrances which are intoxicating and will have a hint of excitement and invitation in them. Woody perfumes and fragrances represent themselves and their scents which usually smell like words and raisins. The fruity smelling perfumes can be considered as very calm, energizing and sweet as they give us a satisfying and pleasant smell. Oriental perfumes on the other hand, can be considered as the mixture of sensual yet musky scents as they are very catchy and attractive. This type of scent that can be worn in any party or function.

 All these types of fragrance are worn in accordance to the place, location and work. Wearing a very strong and scented perfume for attending a lecture or going for a walk is not considered as the best way to leave a good and long-lasting impression and thus, can be considered hostile and create a repulsive impression on you.

As we know, perfumes and fragrant scent are worn and necessary almost everywhere, the question that arises is, what kind of scent must be worn in different places? So, firstly the major thing to keep in mind is that we must learn on how to differentiate between different scents. While going for an outing or for a party, wearing a woody sweet or musky perfume is preferable. On the other hand, when you are preparing for an interview or going to attend a lecture or your job, light and sweet

scents must be used. Being aware of the fact that work and lectures are not a fancy place, we must keep in mind the ethics and significance of how we smell. 

Wearing too much perfume won’t be considered as the best option as too much perfume can cause others to lose concentration and even interest. So, wearing just the right and appropriate amount of perfume is a crucial and significant thing. The scent and perfume are an aspect one must completely focus on. Attending important meetings or attending a meeting related to your work, mild and sweet perfumes must be worn whereas, going out for a party or for attending an informal celebration, one must wear good and oriental perfumes.

Dressing and scenting according to the occasion has a lot of benefits. Smelling good can make you feel good and better about yourself and give you confidence unconsciously. One must always remember that smelling good is feeling good, so we must always smell fresh, sweet and refreshing in order to feel great and confident. The way we smell is the way we express ourselves. So in order to create a nice and good impression, we must always smell according to the occasion. 

To conclude, fragrance and scents are a very essential and important topic to focus on so, one must always remember that the best way to feel confident and smelling rightly according to the situation is what will help us in creating a good and long-lasting impression.

Author Aleifiya Bagasrawala

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