Women in Leadership


Well since ages, women in India are much expected to live a domestic
life and they have been struggling hard to get rid of several restrictions
bombarded on them, like many if the lady readers would agree!
Fulfilling their family responsibilities, maintaining balanced life, very
well said in Marathi women should be only focused on ‘’Chul ani
Mul’’…. But as the world is changing, women’s are now finally
acknowledged, appreciated for their new roles of Entrepreneurs.
In today’s era, female leaders possess the same traits as their male
counterparts: Vision, Mission, Perseverance, empathy, passion etc. But
one thing women boss need to have is truly be the showstopper of
creating women-empowered workplaces.

I believe we women make phenomenal leaders because they are
experts in what they do, make impossible possible positively, and we
truly rock over in events with our effortless looks; well ladies don’t
we!!! We look at the world with bravery.

We Women’s are extraordinary strong and capable. We had to fight to
get there. We are awesome leaders because we are able to balance
both personal and professional life. We do value relations!
We women’s are best in nurturing and we can develop strong bond
with our co-workers!
We women’s are best in management, so it reflects in our personality…
We have so many Indian names that have inspired many
Women I admire most Sushma Swaraj..

One of the most powerful women in Indian politics.
There’s much more to come beautiful women’s out there..
Women in leadership is boon to society. Let’s say ourselves YES WE
CAN DO IT! And hit the goal.

Author Nupur Pandya

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