The happy man’s land- Bhutan

One of my most loved travel destination and to my surprise an absolute travellers paradise – the happy man’s land Bhutan hopefully makes its way to your let’s check out list.
This country is so scenic I fall short of words, peace in one word can sum what Bhutan can restore in you.

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Enchanting mountains, pretty towns, delicious soups, breathtaking drives, colorful streets, majestic temples, eternal love of the locals for their King and an eventful tour quiet sums up this country.
I was lucky enough to get snowfall in Thimphu the capital, which apparently the locals said they experienced it once in four years. It completed the trip already. The white heaven looked pious.The highest Buddha temple point is a total beauty with astonishing views & great photo spots.
Another gem of a place is this little City of Punakha, so pristine.The resorts in the place overlook pretty streams and hills with air so pure you can live here forever.
Don’t forget to try Ema datshi at local restaurants which is the Bhutan special chilli cheese recipe.
Also do you know there is an fertility temple here you can visit to seek blessings to start a family. How sweet is that!

An ideal trek hub for climbers Tigers nest is a marvel for its tourists and the best instagrammable spot and so is the famous Dochula pass which is treasured with shrines.
Tip- wear bright coloured clothes for some great pictures.Don’t miss how cute the little Bhutan airport looks just as pretty as the kids in this country.

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