Vaastushastra (earth energy balancing )

Vaastushastra (earth energy balancing )

Vaastu is all about 5 elements 

Water, air, fire, metal, earth, if a house or any property have excess of any of the element it will cause problems in our daily life .

Excess of metal or space element ie extended or disturbed west or north west will make a person emotionless, kitchen in northwest will cause delay in daughters marriage.

Can cause Health related problems  to skin,lungs,large intestine, ear.

Excess of earth element ie extended or disturbed northeast ,southwest ,center  will make a person cheater,low spirited,cause mental stress.. can cause health issues related to fats,obesity, stomach related problem.

Excess of water element ie extended or disturbed north will bring stagnant in growth of business or job.can cause health issues related to kidney ,bones, flu , fickle mind.

Excess of air element ie extended or disturbed east can affect your social connection, relationship.can cause health issues related to gall bladder, heart,short tempered..Its a very important zone for people in PR , footfall related business.

Excess of fire element ie extended or disturbed south east , south south east, south can cause problem in cash flow, defaming, lack of confidence or low confidence, money stuck in market.can cause health issue related to reproductive systems for male and female both, acidity, diseases related to veins.

There are 16 zones and 45 devtas in any property.

16 zones are:

Money opportunities 


Clarity of mind


Social connect 


Cash flow

Power and confidence 

Fame and relaxation

Disposable and expenditures 

Relationship and skills


Profit and income


Support and banking


We have everything in our house , we just have to strengthen the important zone..for example:

Court case- to win the court case north,west south west ,west and west north west should be balanced and no negative activity to be there ..

Loan -northwest and north to be balanced , Kuber devta to be placed in north. 

Divorce- if west south west ,south east , east and west is negative or disturbed it will cause divorce 

Business and job- west, north,north north east , south east,south south east, and center  if negative or disturbed it will cause loss in business and job change of loss of job

Happiness in life-east south east,east,south south east, south east to be balanced 

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