Women and Money

What does she buy: “Probably shoes, designer jeans, and hair products.” And, what about the ‘husband’ character? He buys, “Serious things. Stocks, insurance, booze, and pizzas.” 

Hmmmmm… let’s talk money today….. 

In my early- to mid-20s, I believed there were certain habits, hobbies, and rituals that were solely reserved for rich people — those who had been born into vast wealth or otherwise accumulated it. At the same time, I also happened to be bad with money. I had just finished college graduation and started an entry-level job in a nursery (I am a bio student). Wherever I earned was in the bank savings account and from there I spent it on my leisure purchase and transport. Back in 2000, having less internet and online shopping I managed to save a lot but did not have a solid investment plan. 

Retrospectively, I wish I had invested to grow money and learned knowledge about finances. It turns out, you don’t have to be super-rich to start investing for your future — you just need a little help. 

Many of us have a solid idea of what we want our futures to look like. We see ourselves retiring by a certain age, having a career we’re proud of, living in our dream home, in our dream city, taking our families on trips, while staying active and healthy. But getting from A to B isn’t just a matter of waiting. Cultivating the financial future you want means taking intentional steps to get there. 

“In order to build a healthy relationship with money, there are some attitudes I am going to ask you to cast off—forever. First among them are two of the heaviest weights women carry: the burden of shame and the tendency to blame.” Suze Orman writes in her book “Women and Money”. I have practically read this book over and over again to understand and imbibe it in my mind. 

You can and You will definitely achieve what You want just believe and implement financial diet and plan for your future.

Be Wealthy …we are better together

Author Minal Kulkarni

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