Food Styling Tips for Beginners.

Food plating & Food Photography
We eat with our eyes first!
Its rightly said that we eat with our eyes first ,atleast I do believe in it. I have lived in many countries and I am not a die hard fan of non vegetarian food. I have always tried my hands on something different which over all is very appealing & tastes amazing. Overall you can say food is something I live for!

Now when we say food styling ,it is particularly styling the food for photographs. While most of the people entering in food styling have a background in the culinary arts, a knowledge of basic food chemistry, principles of design and the ability to improvise are additional skills that are invaluable.

Most important part of food  styling is that the food looks as fresh and appetizing as possible until the image is captured on film . However this process can take hours. During this time the food needs to be kept ‘alive’ or replaced as often as needed ,sometimes very often.

There is a trend toward more documentary style of photographing food that shuns foodstyling .

 Elaborate spreads on festivites is something I look forward to. I focus on preparing everything at home. I am very particular about serving it in a right way .

Presentation is arguably important when it comes to photographing the food. With nothing but the image of the plating ,the first step is of creating an idea that the food being photographed is mouthwatering .

If you are plating natural food, you can create an illusion of a slightly chaotic or a messy background. Think of natural spectacles like blooming colourful flowers or jagged trees .
Wooden cutting boards or picnic tables can give your pictures that rustic look .

Good lighting is the key to emphasize the textures and colour balance of your food photograph. Natural light is best modified .
Lighting from the side can bring the effect of shadow. However spotting on particular texture  but harsh shadows can make the food look more unappetizing. Hence I suggest use of softer lights .

Look for a contrast with background. Emphasis on natural beauty of food and your angle is the most important once everything is set.

There is no particular right or wrong way for framing food photographs . But a proper angle is important to emphasize what you want.

Flatlay styling is best when u want to show the intricacies of  elements. Use the colours that serve your asthetics. Most importantly, try to complement your food with interesting props textures and patterns .

Author – Meenal Thipse.
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  1. Lakshmi Pathak(jyo) says:

    This pist has taught me a lot of things cause i also like to photograph my rare dishes some times. Thanks and keep it up


  2. Smita Khanolkar says:

    really , first the food should please our eyes, then tongue and finally the stomach .
    Styling food is as important as styling yourself, which you always do.


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