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“Royalty and Elegance are unified by fragrance” the aroma and the pleasing fragrance, the crucial remembrance in the recalling memories, perfumes have been a saviour to everyone of us. Perfumes are the sweet and pleasant scent that are used to aromatize us. They always give us confidence and help us in providing a long lasting, good impression. Perfumes are usually made out of essential oils that are extracted by scented flowers, grasses, fruits and many other resources. 

Many of us are well aware of how crucial and essential perfumes are for us. We are also well aware of the fact that they are created by different extractions and ingredients. Let’s look into the procedure of making a perfume. Firstly, the scented flowers, woods, plants etc. are chosen and picked up carefully. They are further extracted and the oil is taken away from them. Many of the perfumes are naturally scented and are made with the help of these extractions. The oil that is extracted from them is eventually used, mixed and added with different important other things like water, glycerine, alcohol and are kept to age and finish up. They eventually complete and form the perfumes that are known and used by almost every one of us, today.

Perfumes are of different types and are classified in different basis. Various types of perfumes include, Solid Perfume, Cologne, Scented Water, Essential Oils, Eau de toilette, Fougère, Pomander, Chypre. They are divided on the basis of numerous factors including the concentration of fragrance. 

The latest trend is the use of solid perfumes. They are fragrant perfumes in the form of balms. Solid perfumes can be directly applied to the skin without worrying about perfumes being evaporated. They are highly preferred and a convenient item to carry around.

Just like perfumes, solid perfume scents up your body and can be used in different body parts like wrist and neck. They are usually applied on places of body that are exposed and they warm up once applied on the skin. They give out scents and fragrant aroma and make you smell great. They can be used on different body parts and are usually applied on places like shoulder, neck lower jaw, forearm and elbow. 

Apart from the warm and incense effect that solid perfumes have on the body, they are also proven to be longer lasting and desirable by almost everyone. The solid perfumes are well concentrated and compact which helps them to stay longer. Solid perfumes have an impact and the fragrance in them lasts for a longer period of time. They are not only trendy but also a mixture of being a compelling and an enduring product. They are also considered to be lavish and a great choice for extensive time periods.

 Solid perfumes are quite useful and compact. They are long lasting and are a unique discovery. They are considered to be handy and can be carried around anywhere as they are cute and pocket-sized items. Solid perfumes are made out of totally natural ingredients and are exceptionally great to use. They are trendy and more comfortable to use and to carry around they are miniscule yet an appropriate and suitable item which is considered to be much more useful. They can be carried around everywhere and can even fit comfortably in purses and pockets.

Solid perfumes are very easy to use and are considered to be of great importance. But the major question that arises is, how to use a solid perfume? The answer to it is very easy. They are used just like balms and can be used by passing of finger through them and applying them to the skin. They can also be used by dipping a cotton against them and passing it on the skin in order to get a fragrant scented and aromatized skin. 

Solid perfumes are totally natural and do not contain alcohol in them. They have fantastic qualities and the best part about it is that you can apply it in accordance to your preference. Solid perfumes have strong as well as mild fragrances which is why they can be applied anytime by us on different occasions and based on different preferences of different people. Solid perfumes also help in giving you a touch of both confidence and betterment.

Solid perfumes have a lot of benefits. Many perfumes face a lot of problem of leaking, but with solid perfumes this is just impossible. They are safe and nice. They don’t get wasted easily and can be used for a long run. Solid perfumes are very convenient and useful and they are comparatively smaller in size which is better and exceptional. Solid perfumes can also be used while traveling when you can’t carry a perfume. 

With the betterment in the beauty products, this trendy and preferable solid perfumes are just the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Solid perfumes are the extraordinary and absolutely an excellent beauty trend that one must follow.

Author Aleifiya Bagasrawala

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