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We bring to you

Puneri Thaska Registered Businesses. #PTRB

As the number of members in our group increases, buyers look for more security in buying from online vendors and sellers. The number of sellers is increasing exponentially.

We already have a Group Directory and Group Magazine for the members FREE OF COST..

However we do feel the need to have sellers who are verified and registered with us for safety of shopping on Puneri Thaska.

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What do we want by registering businesses?
1. Legitimate sellers with ID proof. Not just Facebook profiles.
2. Limit spam and inaccurate advertisements.

3. Warrant safe deals on the group.

What do the sellers need to do?
1. We will be asking for your ID and address proof.
2. Along with some other business details.

Privileges of being a registered business with Puneri Thaska.

  1. Exclusive promotion– We will be making Wednesdays as a promotional day exclusive for the registered sellers.
  2. Whatsapp Promotion – Registered members can promote on our whatsapp groups everyday. Check the announcement posts on FB group to join whatsapp groups.
  3. Highlighted section in our directory- Registered sellers get a separate highlighted section in our directory. Our directory is in place for 2 years. It gets a lot of views from people searching for different businesses.
  4. Reviews enabled on their directory listings.- Registered sellers will have reviews enabled on their directory listings. This will increase their Google search ranking. Reviews and commenting is not enabled for free directory listings.
  5. More promotion opportunities.- Registered sellers can promote on our dedicated promotional days i.e Saturday and Sunday as well.
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Is registering chargeable?
Yes. We will be charging

500 INR for 1 year.

It will include all of the above privileges.

Why are you charging for this process?
The time, effort, manpower and man hours put into this process does cost us a little. We are only charging the minimum cost to cover our overheads and expenses to bring more safety and predictability to our #ThaskaTribe

How do we register?
The whole process will be online. The members can register at any time of the day at their convenience.

Who can register?
1. Only Puneri Thaska group members can register
2. Only the businesses owned by group members can be registered.
3. You may be living in any part of India , but you should have shipping services to Pune.

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What if I don’t register?
Our directory, magazine and weekends are still open for free promotions. These are additional services we want to bring in for a better and safe shopping experience to our group members. As an unregistered seller you cannot promote on Wednesday on the group. Also you will be listed in our free directory section.