Tourist friendly & light on pockets Destination – Bali, Indonesia.

“Travel to a place every year you have never been to before.”

The fact in every travel-o-holic’s diary and a phrase that totally makes sense. The world has much to offer only if we open our eyes, broaden our mind and embrace with both hands.
A traveller by all heart and soul will never want to miss the most picturesque, tourist friendly & totally light on pockets destination on this planet – Bali, Indonesia.

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Paradise to the explorer, nest for the honeymooners & playfield for friends , this island will leave you only with stories to tell.
Although I could stay here for a month or so fetching work from distance ,this time it was a friend’s trip. Nothing better than booking a villa when you are with family or friends so you have the space and privacy all for yourself. There are several affordable and super luxurious villas with really friendly hosts. They are accessible from AirBnB.

Hiring a cab is the best option to hop on & off to all the fun places Bali has to offer, whichever city you stay in.

Staying in Seminyak was a good option to reach out local pubs, diners and shopping streets. Beaches were close by. It was a lovely locale to chill around.

Places like Ubud have some great shopping streets, local artefacts and beautiful resorts as well. If you are interested in hiring a bike and exploring the island you are bound to have an absolutely beautiful experience of life. Go for it!

Bali is much famous for both sides of the world, relaxing natural beauty, peaceful spas & massages and a ball of a night life. Infact the day & night bars are such a fascination for the tourist crowd. You definitely can’t afford to miss out on the Rock Bar for sunset.
Coming to sunset, Tanah Lot & Uluwatu temples are a must visit sight. Enroute there are so many gorgeous rice fields and swings to stop by for the Instagram pictures you have been checking out for ages.

Nusa Penida is another mandtory visit if you want to explore Bali for its ferry ride, dramatic roads, fabulous beaches and insane natural beauty you don’t want to leave back. A day tour is perfect to get the taste of this place.

My favourite- 
*A hike to Rumah Molengteng a tree house at Nusa Penida overlooking the diamond beach
*A rainy day ride to Ulan Danung & Handara gate.
All in all you wouldn’t regret this place in any season, any month and with any company whatsoever. Bucket list it! 

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