When it comes to weight loss, there are so many myths trending. One of them has been very popular that if you want to lose weight, cut the carbohydrates from the meal. There are so many myths which run around this word “carbohydrates”.

Let’s understand some science behind this and debunk those myths

  1. Myth: Carbohydrates result in weight gain

Fact:  The fact is that any food which is eaten in excess portions result in weight gain. So, it’s not only carbohydrates. Even if you eat proteins or fats in excess, you will gain weight.

Tip: Choosing a complex carbohydrate is a key here. As complex carbohydrates are complex in structure so they take time to break down into sugars and come in the blood keeping you feel full for longer time. 

Examples: Whole grains like Oats, wheat bran, Jowar, Millets are some examples of complex carbohydrates

  1. Myth: Fruits are Carbohydrates so they are loaded with calories

Fact: Fruits contain carbohydrates from natural sugar which is very much different from the foods having added sugars like Ready to drink juices, colas, aerated drinks.

Tip: Always consume Fruit empty stomach or before meals to have the maximum effect of the fibre present in them so weight loss becomes easier and faster.

  1. Myth: Carbohydrates shouldn’t be eaten at night

Fact: Carbohydrate is carbohydrate whatever time you eat it. If you eat it in controlled portions as per your required calories, it will not increase the weight. And if even you don’t eat carbs at night, but exceed carbs portion in day, you will gain weight 

Tip: Eating last meal three hours before bedtime helps stomach digest the food propery hence putting less load on the stomach

  1. Myth: Low Carb Diets are best to lose weight.

Fact: Low Carb Diets are most unsustainable way to lose weight. Moreover, the initial weight loss which is visible by low carb diet is mostly the water weight because carbs retain more water than other nutrients. So reducing carbs reduces water weight from body showing scale results faster but at the same time not much results in fat. 

Carbohydrates are the fuel to body. Severely restricting Carbohydrates put the body in ketosis where your body starts burning fat for energy instead of glucose. This may create dehydration and chemical imbalance in the blood causing the blood become too acidic.

Tip :- So restricting Carbohydrates to lose weight is a myth. Choosing the right carb is the key to lose weight.

Author Dr Nimarjeet Kaur

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