About : Maddy Palemene

Okay, so just a brief about me. My name’s Madison but everyone knows me as Maddy. I’m an Aussie girl who in the last 5 months found the man of her dreams, moved to his homeland (New Zealand), got married and now have been carrying for 11 weeks old! To be honest, I’m kind of freaking out!
I love expressing myself especially through words but I’m really selective with whom I choose to do so – in other words, I talk my husband’s ears off


I’m not much of an extrovert and have confidence issues but I’m working on them


At the moment, it’s a lot easier to sit behind a screen and be a keyboard warrior – so a blog seemed like a pretty ideal way to do so


There’s so much that I have to tell about my story.

Throughout my blogging journey – I want to share, relate, listen and put myself in someone else’s shoes.

Check out my blog full here https://mrspalemene.com