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Rashida Khilawala

Rashida Khilawala is a marketing and content strategist. She is starting her new venture which focuses on intellectual branding; branding using marketing strategy, content strategy and corporate training. Rashida is a born writer, and loves spinning stories to relate random things with each other.Rashida also writes poetry in her free time and works on feminine empowerment using positive relationships and reinforcements. Being a Slytherin, Rashida believes that there are no truly selfless deeds in the world. As such, one need not make them seem so to believe that they are important.

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Meenal Thipse

Mrs.Meenal sujit thipse
Image consultant by profession and food stylist by passion
Mrs.India (panache) 2018 plus size
Mrs.Top of the world 2018 plus 3
Most stylish woman of 2018
ABP maza breakfast news exclusive interview for winning international pageant.
Walked the fashion week runway for plus size.
Cookery show telecasted by pune life stlye chanel on nawaidya recipe series
Prizes in ukhana competion ,cookery completions ,thali decor competitions.
Had been on judging pannel for many beauty contests. Other contests by lokmat sakhi manchLocal groups.
I conduct workshops on grooming ,image and wardrobe management,mocktails, nawaidya thali..
My brand IMAGE Mantra through which I deal in vintage style bhatukali sets…Vintage style German silver jewellery ..Tanmani range…Customised shela…खण sarees…brass puja thalis and dinner ware..
My motto in life is to creat confidence in women to look beyond the conventional defination of beauty and stand out in the crowd with grace!
 Do something different and do what u love!Plus + is positive and can never be negative

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Shivani Mohite

Shivani Mohite is the Program Head Indies of India
An army kid she has been surrounded by plants and animals all her life and developed a passion for animal welfare after being encouraged by her parents to pick up injured birds and animals and nurture them back to health. Shivani started volunteering at Jeev Raksha under the guidance of Leela Tai Parulekar at the age of 16 and today is a full time volunteer helping her area volunteers in rescuing, vaccinating, on-site treatment of the dogs. She also manages the day to day operations of the Injured Animal Transport run by Team Indies, Actively works on Fund Raisers and has initiated a Locality based Cat Neutering project. Currently with 4 pet cats, 1 Indie dog, and a bunch of stray cats Shivani hopes to drive home the message that all animals deserve a voice and deserve to be treated humanely. An aspiring Zoophilist and Animal Welfare Volunteer, she believes you must walk the talk to make a difference

Sangeeta Guha

Sangeeta is an eco warrior leading the baton of Plastic reuse recycle drive in Amanora Park town along with Rotary  Club Amanora for last 3 years successfully. 
She is a social media influencer, who has won accolades for her work in the food industry for connecting chefs, home chefs and young budding talents to the foodie world. She has her Facebook page called Moshezz foodgasm 
She writes poetry and has been recognised and appreciated for the same.

Sameera Jagtap

Hey travel birds! This is Sameera Jagtap from Pune India. Although I claim to be from Pune I’m mentally all over the world with my travelling feet. Professionally I have ventured into hospitality, automobile, telecommunications and now a full time Marketer with following my Model fantasies out of passion. Exploring different worlds on similar lines has been a boon. But one thing stays forever, that’s traveling! Travel is my energy.
It has been goals & dreams to make it to 30 countries in my 30’s and I can’t be more thankful to my parents and partner for making this a reality.️
So ideally now travelling since the age of 7 years it’s been 30 countries, 5 continents and endless beautiful memories.
Do check out my travel blog and get your wings high. It’s more of a interactive blog so keep your travel questions pouring.. Always open for a good connection through this blog too 
Remember Travel is the only expense that makes you richer. Pack the bags!
Follow me on Instagram! Username: memories_per_mile

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Nupur Pandya

Nupur is a freelancer in Digital marketing and has around 8+ years experience in sales and marketing field. She loves to Write and so started her personal Blog called “My Space” I’m here to hear you, recently ! Where you can give her topics to write! Pune based!

Instagram handle – nups_pratik1811


Saumya Shrivastava

My name is Saumya srivastava and I am from Pune. A post graduate diploma in event management,
along with masters in Urdu and English literature is my educational background. Also I am general
secretary of Human rights Council of India, a Reiki healer, a blogger in which I write about people,
culture, language and food which has more than 5,00,000 unique visitors per year. I have keen
interest in cooking & baking, I am very particular about the presentation & food styling.


Aparna Gulawani

Aparna is a certified Soft skills Coach and Emotional Intelligence trainer. She is a proud mother of  2.5 year old daughter Rutvi . She loves to inspire people and interact with them. She is a lifelong learner and believes that “Knowledge is power”.

Aleifiya ( Bagasrawala) Netterwala

Aleifiya ( Bagasrawala) Netterwala is a corporate employee by day , a passionate Image & Brand Consultant by choice but a perfumer/ fragrance curator at heart. 
Aleifiya is also a published author and volunteers in her free time in various capacities to help eradicate illiteracy and empower women. She was listed as Young Business Leaders (South Africa, 2014) and was awarded with the Women of Substance Award recently for her contribution for the same.
She started Amethyzt in September 2019 – simply because she loved brewing different scents – something she learnt locally & internationally , just because. 
Her fondness for it grew leaps and bounds and so she decided to pursue it commercially since there is a dearth of handcrafted, luxury and organic fragrances in the market today. 
The perfumes we use today sold in stores are not only harmful to the skin but also contain alcohol, chemicals and synthetic oils. On the contrary, Amethyzt carefully curates exclusive scents that are hand made with love and natural ingredients which are extremely long lasting and skin friendly.
For any enquiries or to connect with Aleifiya please feel free to reach her at aleifiyabagasrawala@gmail.com or +919819510789 


Shilpa DIVEKAR NLP Practitioner – Parent Coach.Since 6 yrs, I have been practicing as a parent coach in Pune.I do coach parents about flexible parenting where we (i and parents) deal into all kinds of parenting issues, like behavioral, stress -related, best parenting practices  etcI’m also French Language Specialist – I do Translation (Technical, IT, non-IT, Legal documents). I do teach French Language (DELF/DALF Levels), Corporate trainer, do customise courses as per clients need.Contact Details, Shilpa DIVEKARshilpaadivekar@gmail.com+91 – 95 79 22 64 05

Dr Nimarjeet Kaur

I am an Ayurvedic physician, expertised in ayurveda practise for more than 15 years. I am a  Women Holistic Coach dealing with all kind of physical and mental health issues of Women especially Female Menstrual Disorders (PCO, Thyroid,  and Obesity)I believe in healing them with Ayurveda and Mindfulness respectively.

Snehal Lunkad Desarda

Myself Snehal Lunkad Desarda. I am into Branding & Digital Marketing by Profession. Astrology is my
passion. I like to make study of various people using astrology. I am a Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist &
Palm Reader. I was also teaching Tarot card & Numerology at ‘Balaji Jyotish Sanstha.’ With the use of
Astrology, I know that I’m on the right path and I will do my best to inspire others to live the way they
feel like living as well. I also help new business to grow using Numerology & then designing their
branding needs. Here I have tried to pin down some of the major points in my article. Hope so you all
enjoy it while reading & try to make maximum use of it.
Good Luck for your Future!
Signing off
Snehal Lunkad Desarda


Being an ambitious individual , I believe in starting early in life and being the best inwhatever I do.I was introduced to different aspects of communication, I came across a personalbranding course called IMAGE CONSULTING paired with Soft-Skills. I am acertified trainer from SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority)  & NABET (NationalAccreditation Board for Education and Training ) which is a constituent Board of QualityCouncil of India. Simultaneously, I started working for personal clients and later traineddifferent organisations. At the same time, as an image consultant , I have worked as afashion stylist for various fashion shoots from conceptualisation to execution. On the other hand, I own an Advt & PR firm called “WE ARE PR” which deals in marketing services from personal branding to corporates.

Alifya Sayed

Alifya is a numerologist and vastu consultant.

You can connect with her here



Minal Kulkarni

Minal is a handmade business owner. Before starting business she was in Medical Transcription industry for 17 years. During which period she earned but could not invest much that made her study and readmore about woman and finances. She is a crochet artist and has a facebook page Minu’s Crochet Creation. Also she teaches crochet to young gals as a hobby is so important to survive stressful life situations. She is hardcore Puneri also passionate about photography and has a instagram handle @photosclickbym

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Sayali Athanikar

*Consultant Physiotherapist at wellness brand Vibes healthcare Ltd.
*Heading suryadatta institute of health sciences,Bavdhan.

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Dr Manisha Bandishti

Dr Manisha Bandishti has over decade of experience helping people in their journeys away from obesity and towards a healthier lifestyle. She has a background in MBBS, Pathology ,Obesity and Lifestyle Management.She has been using her expertise in medical science to push boundaries in Fat loss and risk factor management for health issues like PCOS,, Hypothyroidism, perimenopausal issues, ,BP, heart -kidney problems etc