About Puneri Thaska

Hello! Welcome to Puneri Thaska.

●What is Puneri Thaska?
We are a Ladies Only Facebook Group for the Ladies of Pune City. Or as we like to call it The Tribe of Puneri Ladies.
Pune Ladies are known for being confident, sarcastic and outspoken.. We are a social group for puneri women. The name of our group “Puneri Thaska” signifies the swag of Puneri Women. Whether you live in pune at present, will be moving to pune anytime soon, or have lived in pune ever; this group is for you. This is a group dedicated to all the women who have a heart for Pune city!

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●What Do We Do in the Group?
We share all the puneri information, tips, suggestions, happiness, kids’ achievements , cooking experiments, problems, and our work with each other. We interact, connect and have a sisterhood among our members. We also have 2 dedicated days for business promotions.
Those abroad can stay in touch with Pune through this group. You will have easy solution to all your queries when you visit home!! So let us all “Puneri Muli” get together and share our experiences, reviews, appreciations , thoughts, knowledge, wisdom and friendship here!! Feel free to add all your girl friends and family so we can build our strength.
We conduct regular Meets for our members so we can interact outside our virtual platfrm.
★We are a live and dynamic platform to encourage and empower each other★

●We give importance to quality over quantity. We request you to do the following to help us keep our platform authentic.
˙Please answer the questions you see after you send us a joinig Request. [Just a 30 seconds job]
.Keep your City info on your profile public for us to see.
.Please read our pinned post once you get accepted.

●Join only if
※You are a woman
※You are/were from Pune

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●Note :
.We accept only personal profiles.
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