Daily Themes

Every Day on Puneri Thaska has a theme.

Request posts, enquiry posts, requirement posts, Anonymous posts can be shared on our group Everyday.

** Any information stating your profession, your professional details, your business name, your contact details are considered promotional. Promotional content is strictly not allowed in any of the theme posts. Members need to get a registration to promote in any way. All theme posts will be strictly content oriented.

Monday – #MondayMasti (Entertainment, art craft, creativity , etc can be shared on Monday)

Tuesday– #ThaskaTuesdayReview – (All reviews of products and services can be shared on Tuesday)

Wednesday– #WisdomWednesday and Promotional day (Registered members can share promotional posts. Non registered memers can share knowledge posts )

Thursday– #ThaskaThursday- (All food related posts can be shared on Thursdays)

Friday– #FashionFriday – (All fashion, grooming, personality development , Image development etc related posts can be shared on Friday)

Saturday & Sunday- #ThaskaRetailTherapy -( All registered members can share promotion posts on saturday and sunday)