Puneri Thaska Registered Youtubers- LP

What do we want by registering businesses?
1. Legitimate sellers with ID proof. Not just Facebook profiles.
2. Limit spam and inaccurate advertisements.

3. Warrant safe deals on the group.

What do the youtubers need to do?
1. Pay Rs 800 as the annual registration fee.
2. Upload your ID proof, address proof for verification.
3. Along with some other Channel details.

4. Please note, this amount is non refundable once paid.

Privileges of being a registered Youtuber with Puneri Thaska.

• Charges for registration are Rs 800/ year.
• Days of Promotions on Fb group- Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
• Days of Promotions on 1whatsapp group- Daily. Please note, as per the new rules, only verified sellers are allowed to promote on whatsapp groups. Just Joining whatsapp group is free.
• We have an additional , exclusive whatsapp group for Registered content creators that you can join.

• You get an Id card from us after registration
• YouTubers, Instagrammers, bloggers and other content creators are required to register in order to promote their channels on the group.


• Registered content creators cannot use this registration for promoting business. This registration entitles you only to promote your registered channel . If you have an allied business you can purchase a separate verification for that business. Business registration and content creators Registration are separate.
•Kindly read all the rules, guidelines and details before paying. The registration amount is not refundable once paid.

Is registering chargeable?
Yes. We will be charging

800 INR for 1 year.

It will include all of the above privileges.

This amount is NON REFUNDABLE once paid.

Why are you charging for this process?
The time, effort, manpower and man hours put into this process does cost us . We are only charging the minimum cost to cover our overheads and expenses to bring more safety and predictability to our #ThaskaTribe

How do we register?
The whole process will be online. The members can register at any time of the day at their convenience. Click on “Register Now” Button to proceed.

Who can register?
1. Only Puneri Thaska group members can register
2. Only the businesses owned by group members can be registered.
3. Only people with valid address proof of Pune city can apply for registration. 

4. Weightloss ads, work from home ads are banned in our group. They wont be allowed even if registered. 
5. Facebook guidelines put certain products under banned category as per change in world situations. We cannot take responsibility of changing Facebook guidelines. As a Facebook group we will be obliged to follow Facebook guidelines.

What if I don’t register?
Puneri Thaska does not allow non registered members to promote in the group. Without registration, you can participate in the group without promotions. 

Do I get complete freedom of posting in the group after registration?

( Fine Script)

  • This registrations only opens up Wednesdays, Saturday and Sunday  for promotional posts on Facebook group.
  • Registered members can promote on 1 whatsapp group every single day. (5 images and 1 text post max in a day)
  • Registered members are not entitled to join more than 1 whatsapp groups.
  • Registered members can post maximum 3 posts on on Facebook group on each promotional day.
  • All the posting rules in puneri thaska groups need to be followed.
  • Pre approval of posts is based on regularity of following rules. If any profile is consistently breaking the rules, the pre approval of that profle will be removed.
  • Posts from Registered members can get deleted if 

       .#PTRB is not mentioned

.ID card is not the 1st image posted.

.Price of the mentioned product is not mentioned.

. Any link is present in your post.

Puneri Thaska Holds the rights to cancel the registration of a member in case of a conflict.