Puneri Thaska Whatsapp groups FAQs 


Team Thaska is very happy to announce that we have launched our official areawise whatsapp groups. All the members of puneri thaska s facebook group can be a part of the Thaska whatsapp network.
The link is not working

We always check all the links and passwords a few times before posting. Please retry. If not then take a screenshot of where you are stuck and post it in comments. The admins will help you.
How can you join the puneri thaska whatsapp groups?

The admins put up a post on 15th of every month. The whole process is automated. Watch out for this post and join the whatsapp group of your area. This post has all the information of joining.

●I see an image like this. What should I do?

Click on the 3 dots on top right corner, select open on chrome and proceed. If you are using another browser that is also ok. As long as you are signed in, you will skip this puzzle.

What if I miss out on the post this month?

Worry not. This post is live on the group from 15 th to 18th every month. You can join the whatsapp group next month.

Can the admins add me in the whatsapp group in the middle of the month?

No. We open the groups for entry from 15th to 18th of every month. We don’t allow new members on other dates. This is done for the sake of maintaining harmony in the groups.
My area is not mentioned in the group. What should I do?

You can join the area or group closest to your area.
How many whatsapp groups can I join?

Each member can join only 1 whatsapp group of the thaska whatsapp network.
Where can I find the rules for whatsapp groups ?

The form you fill to join the whatsapp groups mentions all the rules for the whatsapp group. You can enter the whatsapp group only after agreeing to them. The link to the rules is present in group description of whatsapp group.

Change numbers in the group

You cannot change your phone number in the whatsapp group. You will be removed. If you have to join through a new number you need to leave group through the old number 1st. Then sign up with the new number again on 15th of the next month.