Expert Opinion: Prajakta Shah.(Baker)

How many times have we seen amazing cakes and cookies and said to ourselves “I Hope I can make that someday!”
Then you start baking on a Sunday.  But things don’t turn out to your expectations!! If you have been in this situation, this article is for you.
Baking is an art. And here are a few Frequently asked questions on baking answered by the Baking Expert in Puneri Thaska  Prajakta Shah.
Prajakta is a  specialty home baker of  cookies, nutrition bars, cake loafs, muffins and other baked goodies. While baking she considers special dietary and allergic requirements.she is baking since 5 years and actively taking up orders. her venture is called Sumira Cookies.
All the products she uses are 100% vegetarian.
If you have any more questions about baking please get in touch with her on 8698453399
Let’s hear what she has to say
1.  What oven do you suggest for baking?
▪I would recommend built in oven, a convection or an OTG (oven toaster grill) for best results in baking.
2.  Why did my cake sink?
Your cake could be sinking due to the following reasons.
▪The cake was taken out of the oven before it was done
▪Or you used too much liquid, raising agent or sugar.
▪Or you used too little flour.
3.   Where do I get self raising flour from?
▪You can make your own self raising flour by adding 1 tsp. of baking powder and 1/8thtsp. of baking soda  to get  100gm flour.
4.  Just like cakes , can we decorate cookies?
▪Yes, Why not! you can turn plain cookies into miniature works of edible art by decorating them with frostings and icings.
5. Is the decoration on the cookie seen in the image edible?
▪Yes it is edible. It is made out of confectioners’ sugar, butter or shortening and milk or water.

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