Tips to style a Kurta to look Fabulous! (Part 1)


Every Indian woman has that one piece of clothing in her wardrobe which she can wear to a wedding or a casual date. And that magical piece of clothing  is called  a KURTA!

As a designer I have come to realize there is no better Basic for an Indian woman today than the versatile Kurta!
Pune is not just a young upbeat city with IT parks and Institutions  but is also blessed with a moderate climate.  This makes Kurta an ideal go-to option for all of us . With its comfort,  this one basic will take u through any occasion ..
So how do u get it to work for you????

A lot of women who come to my store  often ask me  this 1 question

“what do you  team up the kurta with?”

So here is the first basic tip to make you look effortlessly stylish in your Kurta.

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Kurta with leggings

However passé it may sound ,the legging is a modern innovation that is the simplest way to compliment your kurta .
Wear a straight fit long kurta paired with a legging OR a flared A- line kurta with a muted tone colour legging .

Heavier on the hip??

Go for a longer straight kurta with a legging . It creates an illusion of length and gives you  a slim look.. Avoid waering black all the time !! Substitute with a dark pallette of Blues, greens , wines etc for the Kurta and team it up with the legging in the same colour family. Don’t go  for a plain kurta. Instead Opt for a self detailed  or a delicately detailed kurta.


Slim and petite??

Wear your kurta in an A- line which maybe asymmetric to give u a little volume . team it up with a   legging in Contrast .


You can always use accessories to dress up or dress down your look.
Team these looks with a structured bag that will take u from 9-5, Or a shopping trip , Or a casual lunch with your girls!!

Hope you enjoyed these tips on styling as much as I enjoyed sharing it ..
Please do share your views, comments and queries here !!
Keep that Stylish Affaire with Fashion on!!

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                                                          -written by Aarti Chakravarty

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