Basics of Foundation applications


Today we’re going to learn a few  basics of foundation application. follow a good skin care regime. make up cannot camouflage bad skin texture easiy.

1.Always choose the correct shade of foundation for your skin tone.

2.Always try the foundation on your jaw line to see if it matches. Never try on your wrist or cheek!


3. Never go against the grain  of your hair in your foundation directions.  Now we’re taking it a step further. When you apply your foundation, always start in the middle of your face and work outwards. This way, the concentration of product is in the center (where we need it the most) and thinnest along your hairline. Here’s how:

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Your Favorite Foundation — It’s an investment but if you’re into combining  good skincare and makeup, you’re going to get a good result.

.A Foundation Brush —  a good foundation brush is always going to give you a good finish.



Squeeze a nickel-sized amount of foundation onto the palm of your hand to slightly warm it up with your body temperature. Dip the brush into the product to load it up.Start in the center of your nose and imagine it’s the center of a star. Trace the brush in a line from the center to your forehead, then back again from the center to your left cheek, then from the center to your jaw, then from the center to your chin, etc. Once you’ve drawn all of the star points, do not re-load the brush with product but simply use it (or your fingers or a sponge) to blend and distribute what you’ve already applied to include the rest of your face.Finally, go back and re-load the brush into the remaining foundation in the palm of your hand (there shouldn’t be much left) and apply it all over your neck. It’s important to make sure your face and neck match, but if you’re wearing a collared shirt or a turtleneck sweater, make sure to blot your neck with a tissue after so it doesn’t transfer onto your clothing

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