Life story- Mitushi Palkar

Being an astrologer sharing an experience how it all started. I’m not the only one in my family with astrology knowledge. It’s in my blood, I can say. My Grandfather was an astrologer my Father is an astrologer & now me. So the third generation into astrology. But my Father is the one with most knowledge & experience (practicing for more than 20 years). But he was not born with all knowledge. He was a non-believer then. He had a little knowledge from his father. But one incident changed everything. He not only started to believe in it but became an expert eventually.

    My father and his  nephew were quite close to each other. Their age difference seemed to strengthen their bond. He, (my aunt’s son) was around 29/30 yrs old . This incidence is  20-25 years old.

    My father is an astrologer. Just one day his nephew told him to have a look at his horoscope, to assess his current and future well being. My father saw his horoscope & told him that  near future won’t be good enough, he might go through some problems. Since my father was not having much knowledge then,he couldn’t predict what exactly is going to happen. My father gave him a time period which was going to be tough for him. But I wish my father had good knowledge then so he could have guessed what’s going to happen, that could have saved someone’s life. 

Yes, during that given time my cousin who was around 29/30 yrs old had passed away in an accident. He died so young leaving all of us in shock & grief. My father was shaken with the incident since they were so close to each other. But after that incident he started believing in stars, planets & astrology.

 Now he has changed the lives of so many people, giving them comfort, support & guidance about their future. After seeing my father so much into astrology I also started taking interest in it. Helping my father in his work I gained my knowledge & now I’m trying to follow his footsteps.

This is my story.

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