by Trisha Roy

Here is a short poem on how life smiles like a sunshine for our online magazine. Hope you all like it.


A laugh as it adds curve to ur face

dispels the gloom and a sunshine to be

A fresh morning dew

Tip of the peak with enlightened light

Shimmer and sparkle and light like paradise to be

Driving the clouds away…

A smile that strengthens the soul….

A whisper so pure gladdens the hearts

An unseen courage yet felt so strong….

Alife full of laughter cheering the folks around…

A music in my ears

That still lingers in my heart

And the melody where my heart hears it

The ills of life depart…

Surrounded by smiles…a happy feeling to be

A sunrise forever at the horizon of my smile forever i see

Nothing but just a little curve…adding life to me

And singing the music..oh what a beautiful life oh thee

Sugar sweet living with drops of honey

And sweeter then the life gets to me

Embracing the beauty and the warmth of this life….

I welcome u oh sunshine

Shining bright forever to me

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