Lining Nigggght!!!!The hours before sleep,


Lining Nigggght!!!!The hours before sleep,
A charged up day with endless possibilities, adrenaline coursing through the vein at full speed. The adrenaline rush does not let you sit still for a moment, by midnight your energy wanes off and you are completely exhausted. You crash on your bed thinking you will fall into deep slumber immediately.
At 12:30AM
100, 99, 98……..
Counting sheep 1, 2, 3…….
Chant mantra to invoke the goddess of sleep as somehow sleep has meandered out of sight and refuses to bless you with the much needed deep unconscious rest.
You toss and turn, with the events of the day playing a video on loop, with repetitive scenes.
You look at the clock and only a minute has passed, it felt much longer.
Now you start thinking about the next day. Made up problems crowd your brain and you come up with solutions to deal with the difficulty.
Your everyday normal bed where you sleep peacefully dreaming happily has suddenly become lumpy and uncomfortable. The pillow feels too hard-too soft, is hurting your neck, you feel hot one minute and cold the next second.
A mosquito is buzzing in your ear, you try to swat it, but it escapes.
Now your feet are tingling, you feel itchy, back along with neck are aching.
You are thirsty, get up to drink water. Now since you are up you try reading, eating facebooking, taking deep breaths to calm down and make you sleepy.
You need to pee now, get up once again.
A rainbow of colors are painting a picture under your closed eyelids
Monsters and ghosts peeping from the dark corners of the room, you shut your eyes tight.
The night seems endless, you start remembering random incidents from the past and somehow you imagine impossible scenarios which lead to dire consequences.
That’s the last seen time you glanced at the clock before you nod off to a restless sleep.
You wake up earlier than your usual time. You feel tired, achy, cranky and ready to snarl at the smallest inconvenience.
Aah sweet sleep, the best way to recuperate, re-energise, heal the body. When it tortures you by being elusive, you are out of sorts for the next day till you don’t get your necessary quota of sleep.
The best kind of sleep is the one where your head hits the pillow and you are off to la-la- land with glittering dreams of a promising future.

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