The Traumfanger Girl


Born and brought up in middle caste family, I completed my graduation in Pune. I am an Architect and Interior Designer by profession but an Artist by Passion..
I love to do DIY projects with great enthusiasm. My this passion and enthusiasm turned me into

‘The Traumfanger Girl’ which means ‘The Dreamcatcher Girl’.

Below is the story behind.

The Traumfanger Girl’…

In general, people are known for their passion for something beforehand, and then after getting supplies or support they turn their passion into art. Not with me. My passion for DIY projects made my friend to ask me to make dreamcatcher for her as gifting option and to which I agreed with a great curiosity, till then I didn’t know what dreamcatcher was. While making one I researched about what exactly it is and what it’s purpose is, I don’t know when all of this curiosity turned into passion. I made and delivered my very first dreamcatcher as an unexpected request from a friend. She liked them so much that she ordered some more!! Also she refered me to her friends and this increased my chances to explore more and more in detail.. That’s how I have emerged to this day..

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