My Story of Strength

So here I begin !
I am from a small town near shirdi , Maharashtra
I am Architect turned cake artist.
Out of all the cakes I baked, there was this one cake that changed my life and people’s opinion about me.

I was new to baking ! Still I wanted to do something that was innovative. I thought, why not try PAINTING on WHIPPED CREAM 🎂 ! It was challenging, but my client had an amazing trust in me. I was shivering doing this first Time ( I stopped my husband to stay home and not to go to job , as I really wanted a support 😂) once it was done , I was amazed , like some angel had helped me nail this!
This was just the first part of the story that went well !
Here is the second part .
I had an opportunity to participate in a baking contest. (World’s biggest live cake competition) !! One of theme was painting on cake. This theme was LOVE for me! 🤩


Almost people around me , were like , “fondant pe painting amazing hoti he , you can’t beat them !”
Still I gathered all courage a went ahead. My husband encouraged me. He said, “you participate as a contestant , don’t think about winning ! Go for it !!”
And and and … The competition was over. It was now the result time ! Competitors were predicting a winner. ( one competitor with fondant painting ,which was really nice).
I was nervous. and eventually they announced that I was the winner!! I had this hang over of winning

Almost for a week!

All the people who ever thought , “ye ladki from town, kya jeetegi” , had their mouth shut !

Then and now , people have already changed their perspective towards me !!


My life has changed completely now. In second season (feb2020) I have again bagged first prize in same category ❤️

These two years were mind-blowing Thanks to all the hardwork I had put in last year, I achieved below things

  • Season1 Cake-o-thon ( biggest live cake competition) – first prize
  • Bulb and key interview
  • Women empowerment award by Maharashtra ladies association
  • Interview by insightsuccess online magazine for women entrepreneur 2020
  • Selected among TOP 25 bakers in Pune
  • National Women leadership award 2020 for excellence in baking
  • Season2 cakeothon first prize in cake painting!

I am now helping women who want to do something in their lives !!This is my story . Hope you liked reading it.Author- Nikita Shah.

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