Choice! A small word which has the ability to change somebody’s life – to either make it or break it. In a world full of so many options and opportunities, we all make our choices; depending on their outcome. Most of these choices are either helpful or profitable to us. But have you ever made a choice that was wrong enough to destroy everything—your life, your desires, your dreams—and yet it felt the best choice? A choice that made you give up everything and yet felt as if you gained everything…

A choice which took you away from your roots and yet brought them closer in a different way… A choice which took your friends and family away and gave you a few people on whom you couldn’t turn your back on… A choice that changed the meaning of your existence and yet you somehow found yourself… what do you call such choices? Are they even right? If not, then why sticking to these choices give this immense sense of gratification? These questions might seem simpler on the surface but the answers unfold the depth of your own desires.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice that you have made. Every decision brings with it some good, some bad, some lessons and some luck. The choices that you make are responsible for your life. Whatever you become, whatever you earn, whatever you lose, wherever you reach—everything is result of your decisions. These choices may challenge you; push you far beyond your abilities. So, move out… Do what your heart desires… Follow your dreams. It’s just one life that you get, so live it to the fullest. Don’t be afraid of losing… because even if something doesn’t last forever, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth your time. The worst battle you will ever have to fight is between what you feel and what you know. Similarly, where you should be and where you want to be are two different things.

Remember, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

AuthorSoniya Murhe

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