Promotion on Puneri Thaska

With the rise in number of businesses getting online, there is rise in doubtful posts. Considering the increasing volume of such posts, only Registered & Verified members can promote in Puneri Thaska. All the businesses who wish to promote in Puneri Thaska need to get registered and verified.

Registrations we offer

1) Business Registration -Rs 800 per year. Click here
2) Youtubers registration -Rs 800 per year . Click here
3) Directory Registration- Rs 120 Lifetime. Click here
4) Submit a magazine article- Rs 700 per article. Click here
5) Place your advertisement on Puneri Thaska Website – Rs 700 for 1 month. Click here
6) Promote in all out WhatsApp groups- Rs 1200 for 1 month . Click here

7) Tie up with Puneri Thaska for campaign on all platforms. Click here

8) Go Live on Puneri Thaska- Rs 500 for 1 session of 1 hour . Click here