Heritage of Chikankari 



A250px-Nurjahan heritage started by Begum Noor Jahan mughal emperor Jahangirs wife or  an art taught to a villager by a traveler who was passing through a village in lucknow in exchange of water  or  references found as early as 3rd century BC.,   Megathenes a greek traveler who has mentioned this unique craft — all refer to chikan

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Chikan actually derives its meaning from a Persian work “Chakin” which means cloth wrought with needlework.  The process done by hand to create delicate patterns on a fabric.  Chikan refers to designs and chikankari refers to art .  The cloth which was originally used was muslin but now cotton, chiffon, georgette, organza, linen. Tussar silk can be used.  In the hay days, it was associated with embroidery which was done white on white.



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