Kalaakand Recipe



Hello lovely ladies..
As our beloved GANPATI BAPPA arriving soon,let’s welcome him with sweet offerings and let us b bestowed with his blessings..
KALAAKAND..rich milk cake..easy to make..with simple ingredients..

Here is the pictorial recipe


INGREDIENTS:2 cups of chenna or paneer (cottage cheese)..
1 tin of 400 gm.condensed milk..
2 spoons sugar..
Cardamom powder..
Saffron sticks..
Take 1 litre milk in a vessel. Heat it..when the boil comes add one lemon’ juice or 3 tea spoon vinegar..
You will see the milk has started curddling..now switch off the gas .strain the crumbled milk ..hold it under running water so that sourness of water is removed.let the water drain completely..put this crumble in muslin cloth.. tie it like bundle.and let it rest for couple of hours.
Now take a non stick utensil..our crumbled milk has now become chenna ..from 1 litre milk we get 2 small cups of chenna.put this chenna in nonstick utensil..add Condensed milk in it..keep it on flame mix well and let it cook..
Keep stirring every now and then..
Cook approximately till 30 mnts or till u observe that the mixture of condensed milk and chenna has become thick..when it leaves sides of utensil.switch off gas..add cardamom powder..
Take a tray or any dish..grease it with clarified butter..pour our cooked material in the plate..
Keep it in the fridge for 2 hours..after 2 hours you will find creamy texture has turned hard..and we get burfee consitencey..
Cut the square pieces..
Garnish with saffron sticks
And our delicious KAALAKAND..is ready for offering..
Happy cooking…


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