Orange Squash




Hello ladies. Hope everyone is enjoying winters. Today I am sharing recipe of orange squash as oranges are in abundance these days and this orange squash will last you till summers. My hubby loves the different squashes I make in winters. He takes them to his office every single day whole of  the summers.

※For this recipe I used a kilo of oranges. Firstly take 850 gms of sugar and 650 ml of water. Keep it for boiling. Add 2 tsp of citric acid to the above syrup.  Also add a drop of orange colour. Let it boil for few min. Keep it aside for cooling.Take a few tbsp of warm syrup in a bowl and dissolve ¼ tsp of KMS to it, add this back to the rest of the syrup. KMS acts as a preservative and helps to increase the shelf life of the squash. As it cools down, add 1 tsp of orange essence to the syrup. The syrup is now ready for the juice. Now take out juice of the oranges and strain it through a clean cheesecloth.After straining I got 500 ml of juice. In case the juice has to be kept for sometime then add 1 tbsp of sugar to the juice. It will prevent the juice from getting bitter. As the syrup cools down completely add this juice to the syrup. The squash is ready. Fill this squash in sterlized bottles and refrigerate it. Take one part of squash and three parts of water and enjoy this yummy orangy drink in summers.

Hope you enjoy the squash. Let me know how much you liked it. Happy cooking gals………..