The Lady Boss- Feature- Shradha Parasnis


Behind every successful Lady Boss  there is a Mountain of efforts an eventful story. Nurturing a family and setting up a business simultaneously is a herculean task in itself. Every woman has a story that that defines her, that transforms her from a girl into a woman and from a woman into a Lady Boss! That is exactly what we will be talking about in this segment The Lady Boss Feature

Today we have with us Shradha Pandit Parasnis , a Jewellery Designer. Shradha started 

7 Crystals Studio  in the month June 2014. 

Jewellery, craft and painting were her hobbies since childhood .  Her jewellery mania was quite evident from her childhood days. Everytime a friends jewellery needed some fixing, she was the Go-To person. Because of her good basic understanding about jewellery , Shradha could always give broken jewellery a second lease of life through her “accidental art”. Her  Taste in jewellery was always very unique. Working as a web/ UI designer in the initial days wasnt as creatively saisfying as she hoped to be.

I was very upset, I wanted to do something on my own. That time my  mother Trupta gave me idea that I can start my own jewellry business. My loving husband Amit encouraged and supported me. One day I happened to  attend my school friends one day jewelry making workshop. Gradually I started designing my own jewellery. When I was  confident of my craft, I quit my job.

The definition of success varies for each one of us. For Shradha Success is Creative satisfaction and happiness of the buyers.

The initial teething problems of a business lay a foundation of strong values and principles. “When I was new, it took some time to source good raw material.  Improving and improvising consistently after each feedback and review from the buyers made me confident”

At  7 Crystals Studio The major USP of our handmade jewellery is that they  are really aesthetic and hold a lot of appeal. Mastery of craftsman shines through , in the designs of 7 Crystals Jewellery.

As  a parting note about  Puneri Thaska She quipped,  “I love Puneri Thaska group. Its one of the Best group for women.  The atmosphere of the group is genuine. Its a good mix of knowledge and fun. Very nice initiative by Dr Shweta Kakade Potdar”

You can check out the collection of 7Crystals Studio Here

We are Glad how all the happy accidents lead to the launch of a brand that gave Birth to a Lady Boss. We wish you all the success and prosperity in future. 

Stay tuned to hear from more Lady Bosses.

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