Healthy meal for your toddler – OPOS way


Who wouldn’t agree- A mom who spends minimum time in the kitchen yet has a plate full of healthy and tasty food cooked is the one who is really efficient and smart! To be frank I used to get totally freaked out when it came to cooking for kids, or cooking those ‘traditional and authentic’ dishes, but not anymore!
Ever since I have adopted the OPOS way of cooking (One pot one shot) I look forward to cook different dishes, as I don’t really sweat or stress in the kitchen and cooking is fun! Today Ill share with you the three recipes which were an instant hit with my kids. All these are OPOS recipes and I am sure you will enjoy cooking these 🙂 Are you ready to experience the OPOS magic 😉
Today’s menu consists of a soup, a main course and a dessert. What to expect after cooking these: a tummy full happy kid 🙂

1. Caramelised Carrot Soup

2. Mac n Cheese

3. Beetroot Halwa (Beetroot fudge)

You will need the below equipments:

1. 2 Litre Pressure Cooker

2. Measuring cups

3. Measuring spoons

4. Blender

5. Others: Peeler, Grater, Knife, Laddle
Heat Source: Before you proceed ensure you get a loud and clear whistle between 1 to 2 min with 1/4 cup water in the pressure cooker

(This process is termed as standardisation. Basically all the recipes that are OPOS validated will work well only if you use a standardised heat source.)

1. Caramelised Carrot Soup

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2 Cups chopped carrots


2 Tbs butter

1 Tsp chopped ginger

1 tsp cumin seeds

On opening the lid..Load your cooker in the below order

2 Tbs water


ginger + cumin seeds

Chopped carrots


Cook on high for 7 minutes (ignore the number of whistles). Release pressure, add some milk and blend. Serve hot!

Substitutes:Coconut milk with milk to arrive at the desired consistency

2. Mac n Cheese

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This surely is the fastest pasta I have ever cooked! So easy and flavourful! Once you are confident making this, you can cook up several versions of this by including veggies/ eggs/ meat etc!
You can see my 2 year old kids relishing it!
Measuring raw pasta

1 Cup soaked and drained Raw pasta (soaking is not required in case of local wholewheat pasta eg Bambino)


3 Tbs butter

Grated Cheese

Seasoning of your choice

Load your cooker in the below order



1 Cup water

Cook on high for 2 whistles, release pressure. Add grated cheese and seasonings of your choice. We usually prefer salt, pepper, oregano and chili flakes!

Kids relishing the pasta

Substitutes: You can use milk or stock instead of water. If you are replacing water with milk, don’t add salt while cooking to avoid curdling of milk.

3. Beetroot halwa (Fudge)

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I was struggling to find out ways to feed my kids beetroot and this one dish was something they enjoyed and kept asking for more!


1 Cup grated beetroot

1/2 cup jaggery (You can vary as per your liking)


3 Tsp ghee

Load your cooker in the below order

3 Tsp water



Ready to be served!

Cook on high for 8 minutes (ignore whist;es). Release pressure, mix well and enjoy!

Substitutes: Sugar with jaggery

Optional Flavour enhancers: Nut powder, cardamom powder, milk powder

Do try out and let me know how you liked it!  Happy OPOSing!

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