Why Should I babywear?

Having interacted with so many new parents in the last one year acquainting them with babywearing, I noticed some common concerns parents have which hold them back from from babywearing. That’s when I thought it will be a good idea to list down the practical advantages of  babywearing at one place based on the baby’s age!

Common concerns parents have:

1. My baby will be clingy: Umm babies till they turn 2, ask to be held whenever they are hungry/ sleepy/ need attention/ not well, irrespective of whether you babywear or not, so please don’t blame the awesome tool, thank it, as it leaves your hands free!
2. I don’t want my baby to get used to it: Well, as parents we have just too many expectations no? We want the babies to settle down well at the same time we don’t want them to be attached to certain things. So I put it differently- you baby loves something and calms down even at the sight of it, why do you want to deny your baby that comfort?
3. My usage will be very limited should I still go for it- Well, will you carry your baby in your arms?If yes, you have all the opportunity to babywear. The carriers are simply freeing your hands and helping you carry your baby..
4. Babywearing is suitable only for moms- No no no get this out of your head! Babywearing is for everyone! Infact other caregivers can use babywearing as a tool to develop that special bond between you and baby by doing those small little special things together! Be it a daily walk, a simple dance, gardening, singing and so on!
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Why Should I wear a Newborn baby? (The Fourth Trimester as they call it)

1. Babywearing a newborn helps him feel secure and calm, as he can sense mother’s voice, heartbeats and movements as he could in the womb
2. Helps to stimulate milk production and eases the nursing process. The mothers can walk around and nurse on the go- this is the biggest boon a mother can get!
3. Aids the baby to sleep on its own without any ‘rocking’/ ‘singing’/ ‘dancing’, unless you wish to  So the earlier you start the easier it is to set up a sleep routine.
4. helps baby to observe and grasp the body language, facial expressions.  Newborns tend to pick up soft skills faster and you will be able to catch the baby cues easily!
5.stimulates the infant’s vestibular system, the parts of the inner ear that work like levels or sensors to control the body’s sense of balance
6. Helps in digestion, reduces colic considerably

Why Should I wear my baby who is between 3-6 months?

1. Its an effective means to transport for your baby
2. At this stage, baby needs those cuddles and feeling of security after a good amount of play time on the mat
3. Helps reduce colic
4.Awesome tool for putting babies to sleep
5. Easy nursing
6. This is a period when most of the working women resume work, and babywearing provides that special bonding time when mumma is back home
7. This is also the period when parents start taking their babies out. Babywearing makes the whole ‘outing’ experience comfortable and fuss free
8. Babies at this stage start getting more curious. and babywearing helps them observe and do things ‘with you’ and with a better view. It helps them blend with you and your lifestyle!

Why Should I wear my baby who is between 6-12 months?

1. You can easily babywear and satisfy your curious baby by at this stage, as it becomes super convenient to show him things and name them
2. The baby is now picking weight and you surely don’t want to strain your arms!
3. Convenient to feed solids, as well as nurse on the go!
4. Now you can easily and comfortably back carry your baby (If  your baby has adequate head and torso control and is able to sit with support)!! Guess what? Now you don’t have to miss those small dance steps, long walks, treks, outings and all this you can now enjoy with your baby!
5. At this stage it becomes tougher to put babies to sleep- Tadaa- babywearing to your rescue again.. make the most of it and grab some sleep for yourself too 
6. Now that your baby recognises his caregivers, and the separation anxiety is at its peak- baby needs the person in view / vicinity all the time.. Then who will do the daily chores??? Babywear!! Work done, and baby happy too 
 Why Should I babywear my toddler?

1. The tiny feet cant catch up with your pace..
2.You don’t want them to walk at places like crowded streets/ malls/ railway stations..
3. They can sleep comfortably in the carriers while you get your work done!
4. So basically babywearing toddlers is very much demand based and situation specific! 

Lastly- noone understands the baby as well as you do! So just go by the cues and use this amazing tool to ease out your parenting journey and to create some amazing memories together 🙂 Happy babywearing!