Don’t judge Kangana Ranaut Till You Read This! 


India erupted with so many scandals recently!  First of all lets break it down.  

1. A MARRIED man, Self proclaimed Godman and a self proclaimed celebrity gets convicted for 2 rapes and awaits judgement for murders. 

2. A MARRIED man sends a notice to his alleged ex girlfriend that he will leak personal details of her if she doesn’t apologise for claiming to be in a relationship with him! 

3. An UNMARRIED woman told to shut up tells the man to Buzz off publicly, unabashedly and unapologetically.

4. An ex boyfriend of the same woman erupts after 8 years ACCUSING her of being a handful!! And that somehow is supposed to be bad for some unimaginable reason! 

5. A super ex boyfriend of the same woman, who is arrested several times for assaulting and beating people, whose son is under trial for murder/ suicide of his alleged girlfriend erupts saying this woman is mad to publicly say that he abused and hit her!! 

Lets all assume none of the men and women in picture are clean! Kangana from the beginning seemed to be a handful and on the heavier side of demanding. Aren’t all these men just that? The last I read being demanding was not illegal.

1. Married men having extramarital affairs-  ILLEGAL

Yet every influential man has a couple of casual extramarital affairs. From some of our leaders to stars all of them have had their share of thrill.

” Lekin ladke hai… Unse galatiyaan ho jaati hai! Usme kya badi baat hai?

But How dare women have affairs with married men? Characterless aurat! ” -courtsey – Patriarchial Samaaj 

2. Men raping women and killing people – ILLEGAL ( and EXTREMELY WRONG!)

3. Threatening a woman by saying that intimate details will be leaked if she doesn’t apologise-  ILLEGAL ( How can someone be so CREEPY on a legal document??!!) 

4. The said Woman ignores it , goes public , tells a story, doesn’t threaten anyone, openly asks for the details to be exposed- Applause. Very much legal! And Badass. 

5. A random ex Boyfriend and his Daddy accusing a woman of being a handful and being a classic boyfriend by calling her a witch – The only answer to this is Please grow up. 

6. Aditya Pancholi getting offended for being called violent! Dude really? You didn’t know that by now? That’s your only claim to fame.

Also read Aditya Pancholi gets one year imprisonment for assaulting neighbour. No surprises there Sherlock!

Kangana might have erred in judgement but that’s no crime! She might have multiple relationships, just like every actor she is linked to! Haven’t we all made wrong decisions? Its no mean task to stand up against the wealthy giants, look them in the eye and call out their Bullsh*t!!  Here , hold my wine while I applaud her. This is actual Implementation of women empowerment. 

Gurmeet ram….ji (don’t want to miss any of the titles we ‘ve given a rapist) has nothing to do with kangana s story. But his masochistic and megalomaniac behaviour is exactly the same as that presented by the other men in question. 

Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan ji – Not even kidding, thats the guy’s full name!

I have no idea what the truth is. But I applaud Kangana’s stand and courage throughout this so called publicity stunt. All the other stunts were just lame and failed to capture my attention .This one has totally captured my interest!

Here is the Lady herself in action! 

And some more 

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