Hair and Skin Care in monsoon


The market is full of products that claim to be monsoon friendly . But which is the best suited for us? While all skin types are different and have varying demands, there are 5 key ingredients that’ll help your skin and hair tide through this monsoon. Before you fall prey to the marketing gimmicks make sure that the product you pick up has these properties
1. Antibacterial
2.Anti inflammatory
3. Antioxidant rich
4. Anti dandruff and 5. Anti frizz.
Natural ingredients such as Neem, Lemon, Turmeric and Tea tree oil have all the necessary properties to keep your skin clear and hair healthy.

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Skin Care: With added humidity in the air our skin becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Gently exfoliate everyday to slough off the dirt and use a Neem based clarifying face wash. Opt for face washes with Salicylic acid if your skin is prone to acne. Switch to water based moisture instead of an oil based one and use make up that’s mat instead of dewy.

Hair care: There’s nothing worse than a greasy oily scalp on wet matted hair. Greasy, itchy scalp and flakes are common problems during monsoon.A good hot oil massage will infuse natural moisture in the hair and prevent a flaky scalp. Switch to clear shampoos that wont weigh your hair down. An additional tip here is to add camphor pods to the oil, which will definitely keep the scalp healthy.

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