Kangana Ranaut features in this video with AIB like The Lady Boss that she is.


Unless you are living under a rock, its evident that Kangana Ranaut is bringing in the concept of being Ok with the tags that are casually attached to a woman with an opinion. She once famously said 

” I am ok with being called a witch or a whore. We need to diffuse these weapons that make a woman feel inferior for no apparent reason!” 

Watch the video here

In this video AIB has mocked every person involved in this controversy. 

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“Cuz I have vagina re” is the catch phrase of this satirical take on Chittiyan kalaiyan ve. Kangana killed all the stereotypes and diffused all the verbal weapons with immense Bossness! You go girl! You are the true Lady Boss! 

Need some iodex for my brain!