The Man – A Poem by Nisha Jain


The Man

Yeah you read that correct
I know not a topic much interesting but much to be understood
we being in a female dominated country( as all say) that man is lost somewhere . His strength ,his power, his weakness ,his love,his care is all been ignored and underestimated
Why is it so ?
Cant u see him loving you
Caring for you
Respecting you
Working hard for you and the family
Just because some men abuse beats uses foul language ,we just can’t ignore the good ones . They too need pampering , they need that love and respect,
They need the pat on there back to say ,yes dear well done u did a great job .
Why are we just giving all the attention only to the women’s?
Isn’t this partial ?
Yes I feel so
He is working hard.
For whom ?
For u dear.
Yeah so this is you who should support him in every work he does
Yea he may say no to things u want to do but, he is busy somewhere doing something for you ,for your future.
Just love him make him feel pampered
He is definitely thinking about you and your wishes to be fulfilled
I care and you?
Let him know that he is special
Let him relax .
Let him go out with his buddies as you go.
Let him watch that football match .
Let him go biking .
He really needs that .
Just let go him free.

A poem by Nisha Jain

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