Silence- A Poem By Nisha Jain



That chirpy smiling and bubbly girl
Was somewhat not her today
What happened to her ?
Is she going through a tough time ?
Is she not happy with things she have ?
Is she always get taunted by people?
Is she not able to work at home ,office?
Is she not able to keep her husband happy ?
Is she not able to handle her kids?
Is she going through some ailment?
Is she going some trauma ?
Yes she is
The face that is always smiling
that bubbly gal who is friendly with everyone
Whose chirpiness makes her home a lovable place
Yes she can go through all this
Respect her
Care for her
Love her
The face that looks so beautifully innocent and happy Is the mask she wear .
She may not tell you
She may not even bother to tell
Just pinch her and she will cry
She will cry the hell out of her
Yes she is ok
She is the original once now
Give her a tight hug
Give her the respect
Tell her u care
Just kiss her forehead
Comfort her
And she will be yours forever
No complain
No worries
No sadness
No depression
Love her

A poem by Nisha Jain 

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