Dancing Toes- How I became a professional Kathak Dancer.


Hello !!
I’m a 23 years old girl like you all out there ! I’m a proffesional kathak dancer , performing internationally and conducting my own classes.

I started learning dance when I was 6 years old. Surely wasn’t so mature to decide to make my career in that , but yes there was a deep passion for dance! I still remember how bad I was at dancing at that time!!
So , when I was in 8th std my parents asked me if I want to do career in dance , and very very happily I said YESSS!!! I was very happy but in my mind I really didn’t know what I have to do to make a career in it !
After this , me along with my parents went to my guru to talk about me want to do a career in this field. And very gladly she replied ‘why not’ !!! I give all the credits only to my guru for making me and bringing me to the level I’m today. And luckiest ofcourse my lovely parents to support me every single time!

So , in 8th std I left my school for my dance career and did a home schooling from NIOS board and then I was pursuing and practicing dance for whole day. I used to go to my gurus house for morning Riyaz , from 8am to around 12pm. I used to go NDA to assist my guru in teaching kathak there. And everyday evening we used to have our regular class from 6pm to 9pm!
Such amazing days those were where I got full attention of my guru and do what I love the most !!

After my 10th , I did my 12th from SP collage. And then BA and MA in KATHAK. YES YOU CAN DO A DEGREE IN CLASSICAL DANCE!
I did my bachlores and masters in Bharati Vidyapeeth deemed university.

I have performed not only in India as well as internationally. My dream is to perform worldwide and spread our Indian classical Dance culture.

I’ve been honored with many prestigious Awards like NrityaShiromani , kalasurabhi , Arunagirinathan Nupur Mani Sanman , Nritya Jyoti and Also a Gold Medalist in National Youth Festival 2018.

I own My Dance school, Aral dance studio , it is just 5 months old and now I have a family of 25 students !

I want to spread my art as far as I can And teach my students the oure form of the indian classical dance and our culture.
I believe that my class is not only for teaching the dance form , but teaching them Indian culture , values and respect to everything. My class is not only for the kids, but for adults also. It really doesn’t matter how old are you , what is your profession , what is your weight or your gender! Dance is Dance!! My younger student is 6 years and eldest is 57!! And both with same enthusiasm and passion to learn more and more! Seeing them all with such enthusiasm gives me courage and confidence that we all together can easily make the dream come true!!

Keep me blessed with all your best wishes!!