Many people nowadays are suffering from depression and anxiety. I have recently answered several queries regarding depression and have tried to elaborate different reasons for depression. But it compelled me to think why are we suffering from depression?.We living in an age of high quality gadgets,advanced technology, high end lifestyle and fatpay packages and of course the stress that’s a part and parcel of these things.

I don’t really remember my parents or grandparents talking about depression. They had their own struggling times with less comfort less pay packages and so on.Then why are we not able to combat the challenges that life throws at us.I think mainly we are highly social on digital media but we are loners in personal lives.We have drifted away from our culture where houses were bustling with laughter of family and friends and relatives. Our privacy levels have soared so high that the have taken us to an altitude of loneliness .Man is a social animal that is what I remember studying in my school days.But are we social? We don’t have anybody to share our life struggles our joys our anxiety. And we try to share maximum on social networking sites.But believe me a hug from a friend a smile from your loved one a blessing from an elderly person from your family cant come through the screens that we are relentlessly seeing day and night.

Times have changed I agree, but we still have choice to connect with family and friends. Its up to us how much time we are willing to invest in people. Change begins from oneself.I have tried my level best to keep my relationship with people to its best.May it be family, friends ,neighbours aquaintances etc.I have realised we learn from experience, experience being with people. As each person is different .When we spend time together we interact then only we learn different aspects of human behaviour. If we don’t learn a small issue with people around us can push us into depression. Thats because we have never faced anything like this.But more we are with people we lean how to manage our thoughts our emotions. We learn how to co exist and learn how to win hearts!But we never appear fot this exam.Then how will we feel the joy of sharing, joy of teasing by friends.How will we experience the valuble insights that our parents and grandparent’s had in dealing with life issues? Its my experience we learn to find happiness in life when we are open towards people. Its ok to have more friend in person and less friend request. !!! Sharing, Caring and loving! IT’S what you give comes back!

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