A Friend in need is a friend indeed


“A Friend in need is a friend indeed”
This is what we have been learning through ages.But if you ask yourself the truth…im sure many of you will agree with me that we really do not .Today’s modern world we have made facebook and whatsapp as our friends.
The real friendship is on the verge of extinct.Internet has played a major role in ruining the touch of friendship although its changed the lives for betterment.
We are actually running a race to be the best among all.Competition has been a spoil sport in having the genuine relationships. Friends try to pull each other down in order to acquire the higher degree of status in society.

Nowadays we have endless lists of virtual friends on social media but do we really have those genuine ones who could be called as the best ones…Yes , its not impossible though.
Those lovely moments which were a treasure for us are no where in the making today.Friendship was so much pure that one could easily trust upon it. Unfortunately in this era ,we many a times take it for granted. Friends make an important part of our lives.Their presence makes a huge difference for each one..
Make friends who will be there with you no matter where you are and what you are.A friend who will not bear to see anything wrong against you.A friend who will be there when you need her .This would make an example of true friendship.
It also happens that we find our true friends from the virtual world .We get connected to them ,gel with them and finally make a good relations with them . Concluding to the point that one should be a friend in real sense sans the selfishness .
Be good and be real….Be humble and polite…Be what you are and not what the world wants you to be.

Author – Aisshwarya Ghaatge

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