Intimate Area Care & Hygiene


Intimate Area Care & Hygiene
So many of us suffer from the itching or rash down there, especially in this damp or hot weather.
The moisture often leads to excoriation of skin around private parts (men & women both) and between thighs , buttocks , also between breasts.
So how does one manage this?

1. Avoid synthetic clothing, atleast for not longer periods, like 8 hours of office. Avoid wearing undergarments 24*7. Best to sleep in light clothes with no undergarments.
2. Keep areas dry, example- washing & wiping with toilet paper after every use of toilet.
3. Use mild soap to wash the outside of genitals. Vagina has a self cleaning mechanism, it doesnt need to be washed from inside, with any products or unless its specified by your dr for some reason.
4. If you have excess whitish or transparent discharge from the vagina, wash & wipe with tissue every now and then.

5. Some times vaginal discharge has a color , odor, and causes itching. These may be signs of infection. Talk to a doctor about this.
6. Not every vaginal discharge is a sign of infection. White or transparent discharge is normal. Thin , water is common after sexual activity and physical exertion. Discharge like white of an egg is normal during ovulation ( when body is fertile). Sometimes pink or bloody discharge is seen at time of ovulation, in some women.
7. Most of the time what is perceived as infection are just local skin irritations , that require general skin care & hygiene.
Trimming hair around private parts can solve majority of skin irritations.
Coconut oil or baby oils is best and safest home remedy.
8.Some conditions like boils, pus filled blebs, warts, severe rash around these areas require medical attention.
9.Using cotton lined pads, cloth pads , menstrual cups are very useful. Avoid pads with a synthetic or plastic like coating, they cause rash & bad odor.

10.Washing the areas with mild soap and warm water after any sexual activity is must. Sometimes semen & moisture can cause lot of itching.
11.For those prone to fungal infections, having curd which is a natural pro biotic is quiet useful.
For common skin infection around private parts like tenia/ fungal, boils, rash etc, homeopathy provides safe & long term solutions.
For recurring vaginal infections like bacterial vaginitis, balanitis in males, cervicits , UTI’s , homeopathy is the treatment of choice.

Author – Dr Anshita Balwani Rathore

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