Get fawless skin in Winter 🤔


Get fawless skin in Winter 🤔
Yes you are right😲
Your skin can look flawless even in winter season.
In winter skin gets dry and itchy
So here I am going to give you some tips for your dry skin in winter

  • Avoid soaps
  • Use good face wash
  • Use a mild Scrub on your face once a week (this removes dead skin)
  • Use a moisturizer which is made for dry skin
  • Apply almond oil around your hand and feet nails to avoid flaky skin around
  • Use face pack once in a week. You can use honey ,banana ,almond , shea butter which will hydrate d skin very well
  • Have lots of water , liquids & soups. That will help your body stay hydrated and will give you inner & natural glow to the face

Try these tips out. You will certainly get a soft glowing skin this winter.

Author – Tina Nazare